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Everyone wins in Epic vs. Apple lawsuit. Except for Epic and Apple.

Epic Games, Apple, Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit

The long battle between Epic Games and Apple has finally concluded – and neither one has won. Instead, the entire video game industry should thank the two for giving them a win at their expense. Everyone wins in the Epic vs. Apple lawsuit, except Epic and Apple themselves.

In a decision that went down last Friday, September 10, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that Epic Games broke their contract with Apple for introducing other means of payment on their Fortnite app. For this, Epic Games was asked to pay a hefty sum of $3.6 million for damages to Apple. On the other hand, Gonzales Rogers also ruled that Apple’s policies prohibiting developers from putting in-app direct payment is also an unfair practice, and has required Apple to change this policy immediately.

This means that developers can now circumvent the App Store tax on their in-app purchases, moving forward. However, specifically for Epic Games, this new development will not be applicable for them, at least not immediately. After all, Epic Games’ developer account has been suspended by Apple when they breached their contract. It is now up to Apple to decide if they will allow Epic Games’ account to be revived.

Both sides claim victory in the Epic vs. Apple Lawsuit, although it’s exceedingly clear that both have lost a lot of money because of this lawsuit. Meanwhile, Epic Games won’t be taking this decision as final, as they have just raised an appeal to the Supreme Court.