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Stephen A. Smith gets his ESPN Big 3 with Magic Johnson, Michael Wilbon

Stephen A Smith Magic Johnson Michael Wilbon ESPN

As one of ESPN’s most coveted media personnel with $12 million a year to his name, Stephen A. Smith’s wishes come true as he gets to form his own Big 3 with his friends, Michael Wilbon and Magic Johnson for the talk show “NBA Countdown.”

Smith always wanted to team up with Johnson in the past, seeking the partnership for “NBA Countdown,” the show that leads into the NBA Finals and other major games.

Smith’s ideal Big 3 also includes “Pardon the Interruption” co-host Wilbon, who works alongside Smith on another ESPN show called “SportsCenter.” Johnson, a laker legend, will frequently be present in the show but less than other ESPN analysts. He is set to have appearances during the playoffs, Finals, and marquee games.

In the past, the expected “Big 3” has shown signs of good relationships and closeness, resulting in a belief of great chemistry that can be observed on-air. Typically, Smith and Wilbon work well during their shared appearances on some of ESPN’s shows.

This announcement was made amid the declaration of Mike Greenberg replacing Maria Taylor as the top host of “NBA Countdown.”

NBA Countdown will also include Jalen Rose, the only panelist that will return from last season. Despite having his slot as host questioned, he is set to begin his 10th season on Countdown.