The recent Genshin Impact “drip marketing” revealed one of the first playable Dendro characters – Tighnari. Here's everything we know so far.


“I brought back a specialty from the desert, two packs of honeyed dates, which helps to replenish your energy, whether in the morning or at night.” —An anonymously source 

Going through the officially released information first, Tighnari's title is Verdant Strider, and he is an Avidya Forest Watcher. His vision is Dendro, and his constellation is called Vulpes Zerda. According to the Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser, he works with Collei, and his name is pronounced as “tie-nary” on the English voiceover, while it's “tinari” on the Japanese one. His Japanese voice actor is Sanae Kobayashi. Her previous notable roles include Lucy from Elfen Lied, Kitaouji Satsuki from Ichigo 100%, and Ennis from Baccano!.


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Details about Tighnari's constellation, apart from its name, has yet to be officially revealed. Through some leaks, we know what each level does:

  1. Tighnari's Charged Attack CRIT Rate is increased by 15%
  2. When there are opponents within the confusion field created by Vijnana-Phala Mine, Tighnari gains 20% Dendro DMG Bonus. The effect will last up to 6 seconds if the confusion field's duration ends or if it no longer has opponents within it.
  3. Increases the level of Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft by 3. Maximum level increased to 15.
  4. When Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft is unleashed, all party members gain 60 Elemental Mastery for 8 seconds. If the Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft triggers a Burning, Overgrow, Intensify, or Spread reaction, their Elemental Mastery will be further increased by 60. This latter case will also refresh the buff state's duration.
  5. Increases the level of Vijnana-Phala Mine by 3. Maximum level increased to 15.
  6. Wreath Arrow's charging time is decreased by 0.9 seconds, and will produce 1 additional Clusterbloom Arrow upon hit.


Charged Attack

Level 1:  Fires off a Dendro infused arrow that deals Dendro DMG.

Level 2: Shoots Wreath Arrow, dealing Dendro DMG. Upon hitting, it will summon 4 Clusterbloom arrows that automatically home in on nearby enemies, dealing AOE Dendro DMG.

Elemental Skill – Vijnana-Phala Mine

Throws a mine that deals ranged AOE Dendro DMG and generates a field where enemies enter a state of “confusion.” Tignari gains reduced charge time for Wreath Arrows for the duration of his skill, or once he fires 3 Wreath Arrows.

Elemental Burst – Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft

Gathers the power of all seeds and fires arrows that tracks down nearby enemies, dealing Dendro DMG. When these shots hit an enemy, they generate additional arrows that track down nearby enemies and deal additional Dendro DMG.

Passive Talent

Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Sumeru on the minimap.

Passive Talent 

After Tighnari fires a Wreath Arrow, his Elemental Mastery is increased by 50 for 4 seconds.

Passive Talent

For every point of Elemental Mastery Tighnari possesses, his Charged Attack and Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft DMG are increased by 0.06%. The maximum DMG Bonus obtainable this way is 60%.

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