EXCLUSIVE: Marshawn Lynch, Paul Pierce play catch in new Stars on Mars clip

In an exclusive clip, Stars on Mars competitors Marshawn Lynch and Paul Pierce horse around while tossing a football.

Marshawn Lynch, Paul Pierce, Stars on Mars

Who knew that iconic NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is also one heck of a quarterback? Thanks to a new Stars on Mars clip that ClutchPoints is proud to present, we now do.

While hanging out with fellow athlete Paul Pierce, who questioned Lynch's ability to throw a football, the former Seahawk revealed that he started out as a quarterback. “On God I was out there like the Black Brett Farve,” Lynch quipped.

He then mimicked Farve's movements in the pocket and tossed a laser to Pierce.

“From day one, I definitely feel there's a bond between me and Marshawn, especially being athletes,” Pierce said.

But the reason that Pierce is hanging out with Lynch becomes clear: To form an alliance. Pierce continued, “I've been in [the] bottom three since I've been here, and if you've got friends and allies, you're gonna be there until the end.”

After some more horsing around, which includes Pierce handing the ball off to Lynch who then does his signature dive onto a dirt pile, Pierce gets down to business. “Hey look, they're gonna get me on out of here,” he tells Lynch. “I've been in the bottom three [every] day [and] I'm holding onto my last leg.”

In an effort to offer some consolation, Lynch says, “Nah, we're about to throw you in at Mission Specialist to make sure [he doesn't get voted off].”

“I don't think I've got a choice,” Pierce replies.  “We need to form an alliance.”

Lynch then insists on sending Pierce to Mission Specialist, which does give him some comfort since they cannot be voted out that day.

Marshawn Lynch and Paul Pierce are two of the eight remaining celebronauts on Stars on Mars. The series, which is hosted by William Statner, compete in challenges whilst simulating “life on Mars.” Each episode, one celebrity is “extracted,” or eliminated.

The official logline for the upcoming Stars on Mars episode: “It’s Day 14 of the Mars social experiment, and the 8 remaining celebronauts have discovered they are not alone on Mars. The hab’s radar system has detected an unfamiliar signal inside the habitat; someone or something is co-existing with the crewmates and could threaten their survival if they don’t act fast. If the celebronauts can’t prove their home is safe, they will need to abandon the hab. This mission tests the contestants adaptability and will earn them another mission patch in the all-new “We Are Not Alone” episode of Stars on Mars airing Monday, August 7 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.”

The next episode of Stars on Mars will air at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.
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