In recent light of events, F-Zero makes a surprising return to the Nintendo Switch in a new format with a multiplayer battle royal against 98 other players in a classic high-speed futuristic racer, F-Zero 99. In the Nintendo Direct that happened in September 2023, the classic futuristic racing game F-Zero is making a comeback after an almost 20-year hiatus. Most gamers these days probably haven't heard of the game but it is now coming back, absolutely free to play and download if you have the Nintendo Switch Online Subscription. Details on this game's fresh new take and more are listed below.

F-Zero 99 making a comeback

Now for all the youngsters out there who don't know the game that are reading this article, F-Zero is a game that features one of the original Super Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo 64 console which features its protagonist, Captain Falcon (The one who calls out Falcon Punch when he brings out his attack). Captain Falcon and this specific game was launched way back in 1990 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) as a hyper-futuristic racing game that was dubbed the “fastest” racing game available at that time. Its final sequel was called Climax which was available on the Game Boy Advance back in 2004. Since then, the franchise has been quiet and we've only seen its protagonist, Captain Falcon, appear in the Super Smash Bros. titles.

In case you missed the trailer of the game, see the video below.

On the official YouTube channel of Nintendo of America, the video released during the Nintendo Direct adds to its caption what F-Zero 99 on the Nintendo Switch is all about: “The F-ZERO game returns as a 99-player battle royale! Race on classic F-ZERO courses with machines from the original Super NES game and tear through courses in high-speed races. But be careful, your Power Meter will decrease if you crash into pilots or guard rails. If it hits zero, you're out!”

Although a lot of F-Zero diehard fans are disappointed that this is not a full remake, they are probably okay with the decision of at least being able to relive one of the first iterations of the game but in a 99 multiplayer battle royale online mode version only. The game is similar to Super Mario Bros. 35, Pac-Man 99, and Tetris 99 which are now all multiplayer battle royal games where you will be pitted against 98 other online players. Your aim in this specific game is that you have to be the first Captain Falcon to reach the finish line. The game's version on the Nintendo Switch will include all the cards and tracks from the original version and is available for free for those with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Players can download the game right now as it has already been released.

Nintendo has been seen to bring back older games from the archives into the Nintendo Switch and it has been a joy to relive all the childhood memories (for the older demographic of the Nintendo Switch) that they reminisce. Despite the sentiments, whether good or bad, this particular move makes a lot of sense given that these games are made to be played absolutely free by simply having a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription that wouldn't really hurt much of your bank's funds. With this, do you think they will bring back great titles like the Original Super Smash Bros on the SNES, too?

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