EA Sports F1 24 Season 1 celebrates the modern day F1 heroes with a new Charles Leclerc Challenge Career, Aston Martin event series, and more. Furthermore, fans will be able to experience the new Fanzone feature, which lets you can pick your favorite teams and drivers while predicting the upcoming Grand Prix. Season 1 of F1 24 marks a new change to the Live Service of the series. New seasonal content means more incentive to keep coming back for more in F1 24 and beyond.

Everything Coming To F1 24 Season 1 – Charles Leclerc Challenge Career & More

Until Jun 28th, F1 24 players can take on the Charles Leclerc Challenge Career that lets you control the Scuderia Ferrari driver and re-live classic moments from the 2024 Formula 1 season so far. Season 1's theme is centered around Modern Day Heroes, and what better candidate to celebrate than the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix winner. Leclerc, currently ranked second place in the driver standings, kicks off F1 24 Season 1. Check down below for more details on Seasons.

The Charles Leclerc Challenge Career adds four weekly episodes, each containing three different races. Essentially, these episodes provide you with “bite-sized challenges” that represent the 2024 season. Every episode you complete also unlocks a piece of Constellation customization gear, which includes. livery, suit, gloves and helmet.

Secondly, F1 24 is adding a new Aston Martin Event Series in July. Inspired by the career of Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso, this event lets you re-live some of the greatest moments of his career. Alonso is an accomplished driver, both in F1 and several other motorsports. We look forward to seeing a new event dedicated to Aston Martin and their best driver.

Lastly, F1 24's Fanzone will let you show support for your favorite teams and drivers in 2024. After completing the tutorial, you select your favorite driver and team, which get locked in for the season. Your picks are also displayed across the game in several areas like your Super License, Leaderboard, and Online Lobbies. Furthermore, everything you do in F1 World earns you Fanzone points. At the end of each season, the top zones get rewards.

In Fanzone, you get to predict each Grand Prix before the Qualifying starts. Again, picks here are locked in, meaning you'll want to choose carefully. A few of the predictions include:

  • Which Team will earn the most points
  • Which Driver will earn the most points
  • Which Driver will finish ahead
  • & More

Additionally, Fans in each Fanzone can compete against each other on individual goals, with larger community goals also present. For drivers, if you want to play it safe, Max Verstappen is dominating once again this season. For teams, McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull are the three best teams so far in the Constructor's Standings.

F1 24 Makes Changes to its Live Service with Seasons

F1 24 is making some changes to their live service new by introducing seasonal content. Each season is based on a central theme that reflect the current season in real life. This allows players to relive some of the biggest moments throughout the season and create new possibilities of their own. With each new season, there'll be new Challenge Career Episodes, Race Scenarios, and Pro Challenges.

Additionally, this includes new items like race suits, liveries, compendium stickers, F1 World Resources, and more.

Codemasters plans to unveil more info on each Season challenge before they arrive. And they plan to offer multiple seasons, all with their own unique themes. We look forward to seeing all the new content that awaits us in Season 1 and beyond.

Overall, that includes everything you need to know about EA Sports F1 24 Season 1 and their upcoming Live service plans. Feel free to check out our own review of F1 24 if you're considering picking it up. We created a few guides on how to play My Team as well as the new and improved Driver Career mode.

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