Falcons news: Julio Jones praises Calvin Ridley's work ethic
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Falcons WR Julio Jones praises Calvin Ridley’s work ethic

Wide receivers Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are teammates on the Atlanta Falcons, but they knew each other long before this season, and Jones has always been impressed with what he has seen. Jones and Ridley both played for the Alabama Crimson Tide and Jones would often stop by practice when Ridley was a star on that team.

After Ridley declared for the NFL draft Jones took him under his wing and started to workout with him trying to help him prepare for the draft, and for the NFL. From the moment the two started working out together Jones was impressed by one thing in particular, his work ethic.

“Just his work ethic,” Jones said of what he admired most about Ridley via Vaughn McClure of ESPN. “I already knew he had it because he played at Alabama. … He wanted to keep working, every little thing. And just being in the position that he was in, making those next steps to come to the league, he was like, ‘What can I do to get better? What can I do?’ And he took all those little coaching points from there and he just kept working on them.”

Now that the two are on the same team that hasn’t changed, and Ridley has taken big steps as a rookie. On the season Ridley has caught 36 passes for 500 yards and seven touchdowns. Although he has cut into Jones stats a little, especially with the touchdowns Jones has made it clear before that doesn’t matter because if the team is winning he is happy.