Falcons news: Julio Jones responds to Jalen Ramsey saying Matt Ryan is overrated
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Falcons wideout Julio Jones responds to Jalen Ramsey saying Matt Ryan is overrated

Matt Ryan, Julio Jones

Jacksonville Jaguars star cornerback Jalen Ramsey has made headlines with his comments concerning his opinion on various big-name quarterbacks in the league.

One of the quarterbacks that he singled out Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Ryan as being an overrated player in the league. According to Justin Felder of Fox Sports 5, his teammate Julio Jones has voiced support for Ryan but also pinpointed that it’s a collective effort.

“He’s probably one of the better corners in the league that can play. I would like to [play] but it’s bigger than a matchup of somebody taking trash or things like that. We’ve got a whole season to look forward to. We are going to stay the course and do what we do.”

Much of Ramsey’s criticism was aimed at the notable drop off that Ryan did experience a notable drop off in his production in the 2017 campaign after earning the NFL MVP award this season before. He had thrown just 20 touchdown passes with 12 interceptions but still able to amass 4,000 passing yards for the seventh straight year. What he also noted was that this occurred after offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left the team for the head coach vacancy with the San Francisco 49ers.
What has also fueled Ramsey’s notion is that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has excelled under the Shanahan last season that saw him lead the team to five straight wins to end the year. Nonetheless, Ryan played well enough to help lead the Falcons back to playoffs to earn one of the wildcard spots and were just a few yards away from reaching the NFC Championship game.

The 33-year-old will have the chance to prove it on the field this upcoming season to help the Falcons compete for a Super Bowl as the centerpiece of their high-powered offense.