Falcons news: Julio Jones works out with Terrell Owens at USC
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Falcons WR Julio Jones works out with Terrell Owens at USC

Julio Jones

It’s not every day that an 18-year-old quarterback gets to throw to two Hall of Fame-caliber wide receivers. However, it just happened to be USC quarterback J.T. Daniels’ lucky day.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones has been busy both on and off the field this offseason. According to Brady McCollough of the Los Angeles Times, he was recently spotted on campus working out with former NFL wideout Terrell Owens:

Julio Jones and Terrell Owens stopped by USC to workout today. So that’s who JT Daniels got to throw to on his first day on campus as freshmen got acquainted on move-in day. As they say around here: “Only at SC.”

It goes without saying that Los Angeles serves as a hotbed for professional athletes in the offseason. As a result, appearances such as these have become a common occurrence at USC. Furthermore, it appears Jones is joined by some elite company.

Despite recently being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Owens has been adamant about a potential return to the league. That said, him and Jones have been seen working out together a number of times this offseason. Despite being 44-years-old, Owens is still convinced he can contribute albeit at a limited capacity.

Meanwhile, Jones is looking to come back strong after a rather disappointing 2017 campaign by his standards. Despite putting up his usual stellar numbers in yards and receptions, the star wideout’s red zone production fell off dramatically.

That said, seeing these two potentially team up in Atlanta would certainly be a sight to see.