Falcons news: Matt Ryan pleased with offense's progression ahead of 2018 season
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Falcons QB Matt Ryan pleased with offense’s progression ahead of 2018 season

Matt Ryan, Falcons

Watching the Atlanta Falcons last season there was one thing clear about the team’s offense; everything wasn’t quite clicking.

It was the first season with Steve Sarkisian as the offensive coordinator, and not everything was up to speed. Everyone has had an extra offseason now to learn the system, and everyone seems to have progressed in the system which has impressed Matt Ryan.

Ryan thinks that Sarkisian is more comfortable with the players and the players are more comfortable with the system.

“I think it’s huge,” Ryan told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “Continuity in this league is sometimes hard to come by. There’s lots of change, but going into year two with Sark, his comfort level with our personnel, how to utilize guys and from a players’ standpoint, our comfort level with him, what he’s going to call in certain situations, I think we’re way ahead of where we were last year.

“And I think that’s going to benefit us when we get into those in-game situations of having a comfort level of what to expect in those type of situations. So it’s going to be huge for us this year.”

It’s a good thing that the Falcons are more comfortable because there is a lot of area’s for improvements, especially in the red zone. Julio Jones and Ryan couldn’t seem to get on the same page, and this year they need to.

The Falcons have high expectations for this year, and how the offense performs will decide if they can exceed expectations.