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Shannon Sharpe says Falcons WR Julio Jones is the best wide receiver in football

Julio Jones, Shannon Sharpe, Falcons

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas got absolutely paid this week. He signed a five-year deal worth $100 million – making him the highest paid wide receiver of all-time. Naturally, this sparked a discussion among many. Who is the best wide receiver in football? For Shannon Sharpe, the answer isn’t Thomas. It’s also not Antonio Brown or DeAndre Hopkins. Sharpe is going with Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

To be fair here, none of those answers are wrong. Whenever discussing “best in the NFL” you have to remember that no one has the same criteria. Therefore multiple answers can make sense.

Jones is definitely one of the players that deserves to have his name right near the top. The receiver has had five straight seasons of at least 1,400 yards. In all five he’s had at least 80 receptions and in three of them he’s surpassed 100.

Last season, he had his second best year ever, recording 113 receptions for 1,677 yards and eight touchdowns. Clearly he’s still at the top of his game.

It’s not just the dominance, it’s the fact that he’s been so consistent with it and been doing it for so long. Jones is constantly the main focus of any defense the Falcons play, and yet he’s still able to put up fantastic numbers like this.

Again, this is an argument that will never be solved. Everyone has a different measuring stick, which causes different answers. However, nearly everyone should have the same group of receivers near the top – and Julio Jones is definitely one of them. Therefore, it’s easy to see why Shannon Sharpe gave him the top spot.