The NBA announced the 2023 Slam Dunk contest participants on Tuesday night. Safe to say the dunkers didn't generate as much buzz as one of the judges. Utah Jazz icon Karl Malone was announced to judge, leading to widespread anger across NBA Twitter.

On the surface, you can understand the logic behind it given that the 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend is being held in Utah, where Malone played 18 seasons for the Jazz. The team likely wanted to bring in one of their history's most recognizable names judging the NBA Dunk Contest.

Unfortunately, not all of Karl Malone's history is worth celebrating – and fans know that all too well. Nearly all the reactions to Malone's announcement as a judge were met with vitriol and disbelief by fans who harped on his statutory rape allegations that he impregnated a 13-year-old girl years before he made the NBA.

A handful of the messages didn't mince words, blasting him for allegations that have haunted Karl Malone and his legacy all these years. Safe to say they won't be tuning into the NBA Dunk Contest this weekend.

A handful of others shaded Malone through memes, clowning him with some NBA Dunk Contest-related banter.

Some posters tried to get clever with their tweets, finding creative ways to get fans to search “Karl Malone 13” on Google.

Karl Malone was never charged amidst all the allegations, but his son born from the incident in question is very much real and even made the NFL sharing the same genes as his Hall of Fame father.

Malone may be judging dunks on Saturday, but a handful of fans will be judging him for being a part of the event at all.