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Fantasy football: Sell high on these 4 NFL wide receivers

Now approaching the midway point of the NFL season, it’s fair to say that you have a good idea of how to evaluate certain players in fantasy football.

There are players who haven’t even scratched the surface in terms of production, and there are players who have overstayed their welcome at the top of the leaderboards.

Wide receivers are one of the key positions in fantasy football and can make or break your teams record.

If you’re looking to make a trade at the deadline to improve your team, consider selling high on some of these fantasy football studs thus far.

#1. Mike Evans

Mike Evans should have had buyer beware written all over it since the beginning of the NFL year.

Sure, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have one of the best offences in the NFL and Mike Evans is the WR1, but in terms of fantasy production- he might be the 3rd best receiver on that team!

Evans has 25 receptions this year for 318 yards and 6 touchdowns, very solid. But those NFL numbers are very misleading.

Evans isn’t nearly as effective when Chris Godwin is in the lineup.

In the 4 weeks that Godwin has played for the Bucs, Evans has only 6 receptions for 51 yards and three touchdowns. In the games without Godwin, Evans has 19 receptions for 277 yards and 3 touchdowns. Quite a noticeable difference.

It doesn’t stop just at receptions either. Evans only got 12 targets in the four NFL games with Godwin in the lineup, but 27 targets in the three games without him.

Now that Godwin looks to be back full time, expect Mike Evans’ NFL production to plummet. There are also some new mouths to feed on offense with the addition of Antonio Brown.

Evans has a great deal of value right now. I would trade him before his production drops.

#2. Marquez Valdez-Scantling

This guy may not have superstar value, but MVS has been a serviceable fantasy player thus far this NFL season.

MVS has been Green Bay’s number two receiver this season, and even played WR1 at times with Davante Adams out. He has 15 receptions for 242 yards and a touchdown this season.

He’s doing all of this, however, without the Packers real WR2, Allen Lazard.

When Lazard was healthy, he had more catches in the same amount of targets . Currently this NFL season, Lazard has more receiving yards than MVS in half the games played!

Lazard is expected to return to the lineup either this week, or next.

With Davante Adams also returning to action, MVS’ target share is going to be going way down.

Get him off your NFL fantasy football roster, and get something for him while you can!

#3. Amari Cooper

It may be difficult to trade any Cowboys receivers considering the team’s QB status. But in every fantasy football league, there is a sucker out there who believes that Cooper can still produce at the same rate even with a third string NFL quarterback.

Find out who that guy is, and trade Amari Cooper to him!

With Dak clearly out for the season and Andy Dalton slated to miss multiple weeks, Amari Cooper’s NFL production does not look very promising for the near future.

It would only be fair to give Ben DiNucci a chance. Maybe he targets Cooper and Cooper only? This could be Dallas’ own Tom Brady situation?

In all likelihood that’s not the case, and the Cowboys are really going to struggle to move the ball through the air for the rest of this NFL campaign.

I would try and trade Cooper, Gallup or Lamb (as long as it’s not keeper) to try and get a more reliable NFL receiver.

#4. Chase Claypool

If you were lucky enough to snag Claypool on the waiver wire after Week 2 and played him in Week 5, you’ve pretty much gotten the best you’ll see from Chase Claypool all NFL season.

After Claypool’s monster four-touchdown performance in week 5,  Claypool had a solid 17 fantasy points (PPR), but then followed that up with only 1 fantasy point (PPR).

Claypool’s inconsistency is something that is expected to continue as this NFL season progresses. The Steelers offense is dynamic and has so many mouths to feed.

That’s not to say that Claypool won’t be an impact guy for the Steelers. He will probably have some really good weeks from now until the end of the season. The inconsistency for Claypool, however, is what would motivate me to trade him before the deadline.

It’s likely that Claypool’s best performances of the season are behind him. I would sell high while you can.

Trading in fantasy football can make or break teams. Teams can trade themselves out of contention, while others can make their team contenders.

If you find yourself with one of these guys on your roster going into week 8, I would seriously consider selling high while you can.