As is the case with each expansion, the benchmark for Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV): Dawntrail is now available, with the trailer now available for everyone to watch.

FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark Release Date: April 14, 2024


First, let's talk about when the benchmark will become available. The FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark will become available on April 14, 2024, at 12:00 AM PDT/ 7:00 AM GMT / 17:00 AEST. That is, it is now available for download.

The FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark will test how well the player's computer will be able to run the game once Dawntrail comes out. This is important, as the system requirements of FFXIV will increase alongside Dawntrail's launch.

As for how the benchmark works, it's quite simple. Of course, the player must first download the benchmark tool from the original website. The download is a ZIP file that is 3.92GB in size (4.45GB when unzipped). The player must then unzip the file, and extract its contents to a folder.

Once the contents are extracted, they can then launch the benchmark exe file. After a short setup, and after agreeing to the Software License Agreement, the benchmark will be ready to go. Players can then either start the program immediately or create a character.

Should the player decide to create a character, they will be brought to the game's character creation screen, similar to the actual game. There, they can create the character that will appear in the benchmark test, as well as choose what equipment they are using.

Of course, the player can decide to just use the default male Hyur, the Warrior of Light shown in trailers. They can also decide to import the appearance data of their characters from the official game itself. The Dawntrail benchmark also allows players to create a female Hrothgar, the game's newest race option.

Afterward, the player can press Start to start the benchmark. This will lead to the program running and rendering the trailer (shown above) in real time using the player's computer. It will record the computer's performance, and assign it a score.

The higher the score, the better the computer will handle the game once it comes out. The player can then share to their social media, or just save it for personal reference.

The Dawntrail Benchmark Trailer Teases The New Job Actions

What's very interesting about the benchmark trailer is that it also serves as a teaser for the much-awaited Job Actions trailer. Every expansion, players look forward to the Job Actions trailer to see the new abilities their main jobs will receive.

The Dawntrail Benchmark trailer is no different, as it shows quite a few of the game's jobs doing never-before-seen actions. During the trailer's five-minute run, it showed new actions for the game's tanks, DPS, and healers.

For example, one part of the trailer shows the Dragoon summoning a gigantic tentacle-like thing from the ground to attack an enemy. In another part, it shows the Sage doing a new single-target attack, as well as a new Thunder attack for the Black Mage.

Of course, these are just snippets of what we can expect from the Job Actions trailer once it arrives. As for when it will arrive, we can expect it to come during the Dawntrail Media tour, which is said to be around May 2024.

That's all the information we have about the FFXIV Dawntrail Benchmark and its trailer. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.