The all-encompassing Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis mobile game will be coming this Summer through a Closed Beta Testing cycle.

For those disappointed by how Final Fantasy VII Remake messed up with the game’s original story, this title will be how Square Enix apologizes to their slighted fans. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is essentially a strict remake of the PSOne classic, following the exact same sequence of events throughout the entire Final Fantasy 7 timeline, from Before Crisis to Advent Children. The only differences are the presentation – with new chibi-style, chubby hands graphics similar to games like Bravely Default, but also with a new turn-based ATB RPG gameplay with Final Fantasy 7 Remake graphics.

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There’s something weird at the end, however. The iconic cutscene where we see Sephiroth’s back turned against us as he slowly turns to face Cloud in Nibelheim has been remixed in this trailer, with Sephiroth switching places with Kadaj. So, while we’re hoping that this game will be more of a remake than Remake was, I won’t be getting my hopes up. It’s still possible that this game is yet another bait and switch and is merely another re-imagining of Final Fantasy 7. There have already been news before that Ever Crisis will feature loot boxes and will be released in monthly episodic installments, so this won’t be the ideal FF7 re-release we’re all hoping for.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be entering Closed Beta Testing for Android and iOS this year.