Riot Games finally gave us a look at Naafiri, the Hound of a Hundred Bites. Check out a brief look into Naafiri's skills and abilities here.

Naafiri is the latest Darkin champion, the fourth one after Kayn and his Darkin scythe Rhaast was released in 2017. Riot Games has also expressed the desire for a non-humanoid champion as the Empress of the Void Bel'Veth did not “scratch that itch” for many, and decided to fulfill that with Naafiri.

Naafiri Cinematic – Hounds of Iron

Before we got an in-game look at her, we were first told the story of how she came across her canine form, a firm departure from her Darkin brothers with human-like features.

The Hounds of Iron cinematic follows the story of Naafiri in her sealed form, the dagger that was released as a teaser a few months back. The dagger is then taken by a raider, who is in turn attacked by a pack of wolves. The wolves devour pieces of the dagger, thus allowing Naafiri to take over the whole pack.

Naafiri Abilities

“It's not the strongest who survive – it's the most united.”

Naafiri is a mid-lane assassin with the capabilities of jungling. She also has a fairly simple kit – no 200 years at play here!

Passive – We Are More

Naafiri spawns Packmates that attack the targets of her attacks and abilities.

Q – Darkin Daggers

Naafiri hurls up to two daggers, each inflicting bleed, or each inflicting bonus damage if the target is already bleeding.

Packmates leap to attack champions hit by this skill.

W – Hounds' Pursuit

Naafiri and her packmates dash at an enemy, colliding with the first champion hit and dealing damage.

E – Eviscerate

Naafiri dashes and damages enemies in an area, recalling and healing her Packmates to full.

R – Call of the Pack

Naafiri empowers her pack and spawns additional Packmates, gaining a burst of speed and vision and a shield when she attacks a champion.

On first champion takedown, all effects are refreshed.

The Hound of a Hundred Bites, Naafiri, is expected to hit live servers on League of Legends Patch 13.14. According to the Patch Schedule, this will be on July 19th, 2023.