League of Legends has an abundance of champion skins. In Season 2021 alone, developer Riot Games said the goal was to release 140 skins, and they ended up releasing 127. Comparing this to the current number of champions which is 161 you would think that close to all champions received at least one skin last year and you would be wrong. Here are 5 League of Legends champions who didn’t get a skin last year, let alone for a few years.

All days were recorded at the time of writing. This list was last updated January 4th, 2023.

5. Ivern – 723 Days

Ivern is one of the more recently released champions in this list, so it makes sense that he’s only got a few to choose from. His newest one was Old God Ivern, released over two years ago.

While Ivern never really made it past a once-in-a-blue-moon pick in the jungle recently apart from a short stint in professional play in early 2022, there are still some dedicated treehuggers in the Rift, hoping for a new skin for their favorite Green Father. Luckily for them, while there are only three choices, all of them are pretty high-quality skins.

4. Skarner – 771 Days

Skarner has not seen a new skin in a while, with the most recent being Cosmic Sting Skarner two years ago.

Skarner remains a niche pick in the jungle, however with the new tank items introduced in the Preseason, he’s been getting more attention. The champion itself was released in 2011, in one of the first patches of the game. Despite his age, he’s only received five skins in total, averaging a skin every 2.2 years. Fortunately for Skarner’s dedicated player base, he hasn’t been forgotten and has a VGU on the timetable. This might mean that our crystalline scorpion will have to wait a little longer for a new shell, though.

3. Singed – 783 Days

The Mad Chemist Singed hasn’t gotten a skin in two years.

Singed, like some of the champions on this list, is almost as old as League of Legends itself. During his lengthy stay on the Rift, he’s amassed 10 skins, which averages at one skin every 1.3 years. One of these skins are unobtainable through normal means – Riot Squad Singed. Four more are rare and locked behind the Legacy Vault. This leaves only 4 skins that Singed players can choose to purchase regularly. That being said, he’s already waited almost two years since his previous skin, Resistance Singed.

The most recent Singed skin was Resistance Singed, released November 12, 2020. He was a character in the critically acclaimed Netflix show Arcane, which granted some of the involved champions an Arcane-related skin. Shame that we didn’t get a Singed skin before he was… singed.

The champion has also seen a resurgence in pro play, primarily chosen in the Support role to counter Yuumi. In casual play, however, only one-tricks and trolls seem to pick this champion, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a new Singed skin anytime soon. Players will have to stick to using Beekeeper Singed for maximum tilt.

2. Nocturne – 937 Days

Nocturne ranks 3rd among the champions who have waited the longest for a skin. Granted, he has a relatively wider library of skins to choose from, but he has last received a new look for his claws in June 2020. It’s not even a skin that players can acquire normally as it’s Hextech Nocturne, a vaulted skin which can only be bought from the Mythic Essence shop when it eventually gets unvaulted. Before this, his last regular skin was Old God Nocturne in August 2019.

Luckily for Nocturne players, Nocturne’s visual update on all of his effects and skins last September 2020 kept most of his skins look up to date. Hopefully his recent resurgence in pro play shifts Riot’s eye towards the Eternal Nightmare again, as his whole thematic is cool and I’m sure that an updated skin choice for this champion will be greatly appreciated by his player base.

1. Dr. Mundo – 1490 days

Dr. Mundo, like the others in this list, also received a full relaunch on June 9, 2021. This meant that everything about the champion, including skins, was reworked and changed. That being said, it’s been a whole year since, and an even longer amount of time has passed since his most recent skin, Frozen Prince Mundo, was released.

Frozen Prince Mundo was released in 2018 and received a very minor change when Dr. Mundo was relaunched. Other skins, like the Legendary skin Corporate Mundo, were changed drastically, but it sure is a mystery why the self-proclaimed doctor kept his wardrobe closed for long.

A majority of Dr. Mundo’s skins, including the most recent Frozen Prince Mundo, are in the Legacy Vault. Only four out of his 10 total skins are available normally.

Honorable Mentions

Udyr – 1238 Days

Riot has expressed their frustration over Udyr’s skins before, and it is quite understandable. The shaman has four stances, and each have to look and feel different from the other skins and stances, making it an artistic and thematic challenge to produce a single skin for this guy. The last time he saw a skin release was almost three years ago, with Dragon Oracle Udyr.

Udyr only has a handful of skins, the most recent ones being the April Fools skin Definitely Not Udyr, and the Ultimate skin Spirit Guard Udyr. These were released 7 and 9 years ago, respectively. While these all sound pretty old, none of them are really outdated as Udyr receive a visual update in 2020, and also a visual update earlier this year. Despite waiting for three years, Udyr doesn’t really count as all of his skins just got an update with his recent VGU.

Aurelion Sol – 825 Days

Aurelion Sol hasn’t waited that long compared to our topnotchers in this list. For some reason, the sassy space dragon only has three skins. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol, released October 1, 2020, was the last time he starred in an all-new skin.

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His last skin release was alongside Taliyah, who has already received a new skin with her Star Guardian Taliyah. Maybe it’s time Aurelion Sol gets some attention too?

Fortunately, Aurelion Sol does not seem to have been forgotten and chucked into the corners of champion select left to rot. Riot has expressed their interest to rework Aurelion Sol’s gameplay, and we’ve seen a small glimpse of this update.

They also mentioned that there will not be a visual update alongside it. All Aurelion Sol players can do now is hope that they decide to release a new skin with the gameplay update.

Kalista – 727 Days

Kalista only has four skins, which is crazy considering that she was released in 2014. Two of her skins are in the Legacy Vault, one being Championship Kalista, and the other SKT T1 Kalista. So realistically, Kalista players only have two skins available to them.

In recent times, Kalista seems to have been a forgotten champion gameplay-wise. She falls behind her fellow marksmen in terms of agency, presence, and winrate.

As part of Riot expanding the story of Runeterra with the Ruination events in 2022, we got a glimpse of Kalista before she became the undead specter she is right now. Kalista was shown in all of her princess-general glory as part of the promotion for the Ruination novel. Her uncle, the centerpiece of this whole event, got King Viego for a skin so we know Riot wasn’t shying away from making tie-in skins already. It was a huge missed opportunity that no human Kalista skin was released at the same time.

Which League of Legends champion are you hoping a new skin for? (please don’t say Lux)

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