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Five reasons ‘Ball in the Family’ will be a must-watch Facebook series

LaVar Ball got his own reality show green-lit by Facebook last month.

Last week, Variety reported that the series titled, “Ball in the Family“, will be one of a handful of shows funded by the social media giant for their Facebook Watch platform. “Ball in the Family” is one part of an effort to kick-start the new long-form platform that will feature thousands of videos and episodes from various publishers and creators.

Facebook has a billion monthly visitors, per the same Variety article. Will any of these users tune in to see LaVar and his family?

Here are five reasons why no one will want to miss the “Ball in the Family” series.

No. 5: Where is LiAngelo?

If you follow the Big Baller Brand, LaVar, Lonzo, or LaMelo Ball social media accounts, you will notice one commonality. You rarely see LiAngelo Ball, the second child, alongside his dad or two brothers. He wasn’t even at the family’s appearance on Monday Night Raw.

Meanwhile, LaMelo is a constant with his dad and older brother on social media and real-life. Maybe, Melo just has free time because it is summer? Maybe, it is cause he is the only Ball son still living at home?

Granted, Li’Angelo Ball could just be living the student-athlete life at UCLA. He should be concentrated on his game and cracking the UCLA starting lineup anyways. Who can blame him for wanting to get away from Lonzo’s shadow and Pop’s mouth for a bit?

Plus, the NCAA isn’t a big fan of players using their own likeness for money. Maybe, LiAngelo stays away from the Big Baller Brand to avoid any violations.

Either way, it is unclear how they would view LiAngelo and UCLA’s role in the docu-series. How much will we see of the Ball’s middle child as he tries to rise out of his older brother’s shadow at UCLA? He does have his own social accounts by the way.

No. 4: The Ball First Ladies

Behind every great man is a great woman, at least according to the cliche’. However, we don’t hear much from Mamma Ball. She isn’t in the limelight nearly as much as her husband or sons. Tina Ball is reportedly recovering from a stroke and that is a big reason why she isn’t as visible as the other Balls.

Will we learn more about mom’s recovery? How do the boys deal with Mom being ill? How does the Ball first lady interact with her kids and husband? What is her role in the Big Baller Brand business? America wants to know how anyone can come home to LaVar every night, anyways? After all, she did birth the three basketball studs.

Plus, LiAngelo and Lonzo have their own first ladies. Both recently appeared in a promo for the Big Baller Brand. The video went viral on YouTube in only a few days. Will we see more of the attractive young ladies? Will there be drama between them and their Ball significant others?

No. 3: LaMelo is the Truth

Two seasons ago LaMelo Ball tore up varsity basketball as a freshman. The then-under-six-foot point guard made kids two or three years older than him look foolish with circus passes and crazy crossovers. Melo and his two older brothers beat the best high school talent en route to a state championship that year. Last year, the youngest Ball had highlights that included an infamous half-court shot and a 92-point game.

Now, the youngest Ball Brother hit his growth spurt as he is listed at six-foot-two. It is his show at Chino Hills since both of his brothers graduated and moved on. If LaMelo keeps physically growing and improving his basketball game, there is no reason why he can not be better than both of his brothers. Melo has already got tons of people coming to see him play and watching streams of his AAU games.

Nonetheless, we will see what LaMelo can do without leaning on LiAngelo or Lonzo. We will also see how the high school sophomore handles the fame that comes with being the younger brother of a Lakers basketball player too.

No. 2: What will LaVar Ball say next?

The star of this new Facebook series has already called out NBA greats like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal for pickup games. He’s already challenged every major athletic brand company by starting his own brand. LaVar has also been called misogynistic for getting into it with a Fox Sports radio host and female referee. What will he do next to gain more attention?

Even if you hate this guy, you gotta respect his parenting. How many parents can say they have a son playing at the NBA, NCAA, and High School levels?

Plenty of fathers should take notes. LaVar Ball might be outrageous but he’s also good at his job as dad and CEO of Big Baller Brand. He prophesied all of this anyways.

No. 1: Lonzo Ball

Don’t get it twisted, LaVar Ball wouldn’t be here without his son who was named the No. 2 overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lonzo Ball is Los Angeles’ prodigal son since he played high school ball in SoCal before re-surging the UCLA basketball program and earning a spot as the Lakers’ star of the future.

All eyes will be on Lonzo since he has been compared to greats like greats like Magic Johnson and Jason Kidd. It won’t be easy meeting those expectations with a superstar family and desperate Lakers fan base demanding immediate success and wins. Hopefully, Facebook watch can give us a firsthand look at Lonzo’s rookie season.

It is unclear how Lonzo will do in his first year with the Lakers. Regardless, it will be entertaining to watch him and his family deal with the ups and downs of an NBA season.

Ultimately, “Ball in the Family” will be a must watch show. It isn’t on linear television but it has mass appeal. No matter how any of the sons perform on the basketball court, LaVar Ball and his family will become a must-watch docu-series.