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Floyd Mayweather loses his marbles after Jake Paul steals his hat

Floyd Mayweather, Jake Paul

As we draw ever closer to the much anticipated Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather bout, tensions seem to be rising. In a recent confrontation outside of the press area, Jake Paul stole Mayweather’s hat. This seems innocuous, but Mayweather’s reaction was anger and the entire crowd stepped in to subdue Jake. The tension is mounting for one of the oddest fight cards in recent history.

Jake is the brother of Logan Paul and a similarly ubiquitous athlete/celebrity/media personality. Arguments can be made about which of the two is more successful, which is more entertaining, and which is more controversial, but for those who pay attention, antics like this are no surprise. As for Floyd Mayweather, he’s one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring.

There is much debate as to the legitimacy of this fight between  Paul and Mayweather. After the debacle that was the obvious flop of a fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, many refuse to believe Logan would do something as stupid as put himself in the ring with someone of Mayweather’s pedigree.

Only time will tell how legitimate these concerns are, but real or fake, a win for the Paul brother seems very unlikely here. Floyd Mayweather is no joke while Logan has only ever fought fellow YouTuber KSI.

The hype for this event is hard to gauge, but the Paul brothers have clearly been moneymakers for the boxing industry. They are two of the first celebrities of the internet age and this means they have a young audience that boxing will look to convert to lifelong fans of the sport.