The latest Forspoken gameplay trailer shows off its magic parkour system. Keep reading to learn more.

The video explains that other than using magic in combat situations, they are also usable in traversing the land. The gameplay trailer shows Frey showing said moves as she explores the land of Athia in Forspoken. In total, there are 8 moves shown in the trailer, so we will be going through all of them.

  1. Flow
    This is Frey’s basic parkour move, and also its simplest. When players activate this power by holding down the circle button, Frey will dash forward at high speeds. Frey will also jump over small rocks, ledges, and small walls. However, if an obstacle other than those mentioned before stands before her, it will stop her Flow. Using Flow drains Frey’s stamina, so players must manage her properly to make sure that she will have some when needed. After all, a lot of Frey’s moves also use her Stamina.
  2. Rush
    Rush is an ability that activates whenever Frey is using Flow. Every now and then while running with Flow, flames will appear on Frey. Whenever that happens, players can press the circle button. Doing so will give Frey a burst of speed. Rush also recovers a part of Frey’s stamina, so it’s important to use it whenever it is available. This allows Frey to cover more land while preserving the Stamina she has.
  3. Shimmy
    Players can also use the Shimmy ability to build up speed. Pressing the X button will make Frey leap a short distance forward. While this seems simple, that’s not where the power ends. Frey can chain Shimmy by pressing X again whenever she lands. This move doesn’t use any stamina and allows Frey to cover large distances at a time. Of course, traversal is not the only use of Shimmy. Players can also use Shimmy to dodge enemy attacks, so mastering this technique is important.
  4. Float
    Float slows down Frey’s falling speed, and allows her to cover large gaps with ease. This is very similar to the gliding mechanic in most modern games like Genshin Impact. Players can use other moves in combination with Float, such as Zip, which we will talk about later. Of course, this move uses Stamina, so players must make sure that they have the needed Stamina to even use this move before jumping off a cliff.
  5. Glide
    This skill is the reason why the previous one was not called Glide. Instead of gliding in the air, Glide is used in traversing bodies of water. Think of it as a hoverboard or surfboard that allows players to skim over water. Glide activates automatically when Frey Flows into bodies of water. This helps her cross lakes and rivers without swimming, and without putting herself in danger from the monsters lurking underwater.
  6. Zip
    Zip is basically a grappling hook that allows Frey to pull herself toward whatever she grabbed onto. Players can Zip by pressing the square button and aiming at the surface that they want to pull Frey towards. Players can also use Zip to swing forward at certain locations. This skill is an important skill to master as it has both combat and exploration applications. A quick Zip will allow Frey to relocate to a better location, helping her dodge attacks, or even position better for her own attacks.
  7. Soar
    Soar is Frey’s main skill when climbing vertical surfaces. Activating Soar allows Frey to basically wall jump her way up rocks, mountains, walls, and the like. Using Soar allows players to climb surfaces that would otherwise stop them while they are using Flow. Knowing when to use Soar helps in keeping Frey’s momentum throughout her exploration.
  8. Scale
    The final skill that Frey can use is Scale. Scale is basically Frey’s double jump ability, allowing her to jump higher than normal. What sets this movement apart from other double jumps, however, is the ability to jump one more time after. Basically, it’s a triple jump that allows her to reach higher and higher. Players can use this to help Frey traverse the land, as well as dodge attacks such as enemy charges.

Of course, knowing these skills and when to use them is not enough. The player faces many dangerous creatures in Forspoken, so Frey must use her parkour abilities alongside her combat ones to defeat them.

That’s all we know so far about Frey’s magic parkour abilities from the Forspoken gameplay trailer. Forspoken comes out on January 24, 2023. For more details about its release, click here.