One of the things we players have been looking forward to in Fortnite is its NPCs and our interactions with them. As the new season started, Fortnite has brought us a whole lot of new faces to meet in the form of NPCs. Here is a comprehensive guide to all the NPC roles, locations, and more in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Since the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has begun, we have received a complete makeover of the game. Some of our favorite items or weapons may have been removed as well. Sure there are still some familiar items, weapons, characters, and locations from the previous seasons. But the changes that come with this season are truly noteworthy, and certainly, there are more to come.  Some of those changes might not happen right away this season, but they will come sooner or later, without a doubt.

In the latest update for Fortnite, a significant number of NPCs have been removed with the launch of Season 3. However, the v30.20 update also introduces several new characters, adding fresh dynamics and interactions to the game.

In this update, Drakon Steel Rider and Dummy were added alongside the queen of the Underworld Persephone. The leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Wastelander Magneto can now be seen in the map as well.

Currently, you can find 20 official characters in Fortnite and 3 bosses. For sure this number will gradually increase as the game progresses. Finding these NPCs can surely make the game a little bit tolerable for players as they offer different kinds of services.

Fortnite NPC Role

NPCs are scattered around the whole battle royale map in Fortnite.  It's imperative that you find and interact with at least one of them as they are absolutely helpful. For instance, an NPC can provide players with useful items such as a shield, a medkit, or in this season, even a nitro splash. Some NPCs also give hard-to-find weapons. Other NPCs even offer to be hired as specialists and be your ally. Regardless, here is a list of all the roles of NPCs in Fortnite.

  • Duel – duel a character and defeat them in order to obtain their weapon
  • Heal –  recover your health
  • Weapon – purchase a weapon using gold bars
  • Upgrade – upgrade your weapon using gold bars
  • Prop Disguise – turn you into an object until you sustain damage or use an item
  • Storm Circle Hint – displays the location of the upcoming Storm phase formation on your map.
  • Tip Bus Driver – allows you to share a tip with the Battle Bus driver through the feed
  • Rift – opens a rift and teleports you into the sky
  • Hire – recruit the character to be your ally

Now, hired NPCs have different roles or specialties. Each specialist plays a vital role in enhancing your team's capabilities during matches. These specialists, identified by specific icons, offer unique skills that can be strategically employed using Fortnite commands.

The Scouts, for instance, excel in long-range combat. They mark targets and snipe from a distance, providing valuable intelligence to your team. On the other hand, Heavies bring durability and firepower to the table. They are immune to certain damage types and proficient in explosive attacks, making them formidable in offensive or defensive scenarios.

Meanwhile, Supplies are crucial for resource management. They ensure that your team stays well-stocked with ammunition for sustained combat effectiveness. Additionally, Medics play a pivotal role in maintaining your team's health, offering healing and even revival abilities.

By deploying these specialists strategically based on the situation, whether it's scouting ahead, holding defensive positions, resupplying, or providing crucial support, you can gain a significant tactical advantage over your enemies.

Fortnite NPC Services

As we've mentioned before, NPCs offer different services. Here's a table showing the list of services along with the corresponding NPCs you should seek out for each.

  • Oscar
  • Cerberus
  • Chopper
  • Peelosopher Bananocrates
  • Persephone
  • Artemis – Harbringer SMG (Epic)
  • Backbone – Hammer Pump Shotgun (Epic), Nitro Splash (Rare)
  • Bravo Leader – Warforged Assault Rifle (Epic)
  • Brite Raider – Boom Bolt (Epic), Repair Torch (Rare)
  • Centurion – Hammer Pump Shotgun (Epic)
  • Cerberus – Cerberus' Gatekeeper Shotgun (Mythic)
  • Chiara – Combat Assault Rifle (Epic), Shockwave Grenade
  • Chopper – Combat Assault Rifle (Epic), Boom Bolt (Epic)
  • Drakon Steel Rider – Tactical Assault Rifle (Epic), Remote Explosives (Epic)
  • Dummy – Shockwave Grenade (Epic), Repair Torch (Rare)
  • Hope – Shockwave Grenade x2 (Epic), Tactical Assault Rifle (Epic)
  • The Machinist – The Machinist's Combat Assault Rifle (Mythic)
  • Megalo Don – Megalo Don's Combat Shotgun (Mythic), Megalo Don's Nitro Fists (Mythic)
  • Oscar – Oscar's Frenzy Auto Shotgun (Mythic)
  • Peabody – Hammer Pump Shotgun (Epic), Nitro Splash (Rare), Repair Torch (Rare)
  • Peelosopher Bananocrates – Shield Bubble Jr. x2 (Uncommon)
  • Persephone – (Harringer SMG (Epic)
  • Power Cord – Thunder Burst SMG (Epic), Nitro Splash
  • Ringmaster Scarr – Ringmaster's Boom Bolt (Mythic)
  • Riot – Hand Cannon (Epic), Flowberry Fiz
  • Ruckus – Boom Bolt (Epic)
  • Rust – Combat Shotgun (Epic), Nuka-Cola (Epic)
  • T-60 Power Armor – Tri-Beam Laser Rifle (Epic), Nuka Cola
  • Triage Trooper – Harbinger SMG (Epic)
  • Vengeance Jones – Shield Bubble Jr. x2 (Uncommon), Thunder Burst SMG (Epic)
  • Wastelander Magneto – Shockwave Grenade x2 (Epic)
  • not available yet
Prop Disguise
  • not available yet
Storm Circle Hint
  • not available yet
Tip Bus Driver
  • not available yet
  • Persephone
  • Artemis (Scout Specialist)
  • Bravo Leader (Supply Specialist)
  • Centurion (Supply Specialist)
  • Ruckus (Heavy Specialist)
  • T-60 Power Armor (Heavy Specialist)
  • Triage Trooper (Medic Specialist)

Where Can I Find NPC in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Distinguishing between enemies and NPCs in Fortnite is straightforward with a simple visual cue. If you spot a character with a speech bubble above their head, you can rest assured that they are friendly NPCs. Conversely, if there's no speech bubble present, it's a clear indicator that you're facing an enemy, and you should prepare for combat accordingly. So before you approach the character, be sure that it's an NPC if you're not ready to combat an enemy yet.

Anyhow, here is a list of all the NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, and where to find them.


  • Artemis – Patrolling inside the large building on Mount Olympus.
  • Backbone – Somewhere in Rebel's Boost
  • Bravo Leader – At the Ship It! Station landmark
  • Brite Raider – Roaming around a small building at the South of Megalo Depot landmark.
  • Centurion – Somewhere on the island north of Lavish Lair.
  • Cerberus – Wandering around the Grim Gate.
  • Chiara – At the Grand Glacier
  • Chopper – At the Hazy Hillside Tunnel landmark
  • Drakon Steel Rider – At the Service Station northwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • Dummy – At the Piney Pumps landmark
  • Hope – East side of Sandy Steppes.
  • Rust – At the Sandy Strip landmark next to the beach on the western side of Sandy Steppes.
  • Oscar – Roaming around the large house at Classy Courts.
  • Peabody – At the Pea Bois HQ landmark
  • Peelosopher Bananocrates – Patrolling around the Restored Reels.
  • Persephone – Wandering around The Underworld.
  • Power Cord – At the Slumberyard landmark
  • Ruckus – At the Lil Dirty Dock landmark
  • T-60 Power Armor – North of Pantheon Park landmark
  • Triage Trooper – At the Rescue Station landmark
  • Vengeance Jones – At The Wreckmill landmark
  • Wastelander Magneto – At the Brawler's Battleground


  • Ringmaster Scarr – At the Nitrdrome
  • Megalo Don – At the Brutal Beachhead
  • The Machinist – At the Redline Rig

Additionally, there are Forecast Towers located around the map, specifically near Reclaimed Villa, Restored Reels, Lil' Villa, Zenith Wall, and Estate Station. Prior to the second Storm Circle shrinking, three enemy NPCs will appear in these areas. Players can eliminate them to obtain the boss's Epic-rarity Huntress DMR and gain access to the forecast, revealing the upcoming Storm Circle before it's disclosed.

It's important to note that if these characters are not at their designated locations, they must have been eliminated or hired already.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide to every NPC role, location, and the services they offer in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. By utilizing this guide, you can leverage the full potential of NPCs in Fortnite this season.

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