The wish of boomers everywhere will finally be granted: young kids will now be playing more sports. However, it might not be in the way they envisioned it to happen. Because, of course, it has to happen in Fortnite. With a partnership with soccer legend, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, the game now has a football game mode. Intrigued? Here's how you can play football in Fortnite.

Welcome Pelé to the beautiful game

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The soccer update comes thanks to Epic Games' collaboration with the legendary Brazilian soccer player, Pelé. With this Fortnite patch, players get to re-enact Pelé's famous air punch with a brand-new emote. While the reference might fly over most players' heads, those who get curious about it might learn a thing or two about soccer's history.

Apart from the new emote, players can also get a Kickoff set that contains 23 soccer strips from different football clubs around the world. Both of these cosmetics can be purchased from the Fortnite in-game store starting January 28.

Meanwhile, those who are more competitive can win the two by playing in Fortnite's all-new Pelé Cup. It doesn't change anything from the regular battle royale, except that it'll assign points to your victory royales, placement, and eliminations. The top three scorers in each region get to win a real-life signed FC Santos jersey. FC Santos was the club that Pelé spent most of his career in. Then, those who placed up to the 3,500th position in the Pelé Cup will receive the emote and Kickoff set.

Read the full rules here.

How to Play Football in Fortnite

Meanwhile, you can also play soccer in Fortnite's new game mode in Creative. To access this, simply enter the Creative Hub. Once in the hub, head to the wall with four panels to the left. The second from the right should be the Soccer Tournament panel. You can then warp to it and begin matchmaking.

The Soccer Tournament will pit four teams against each other in a single-elimination tournament. Players get to bring their pickaxe into the soccer field. For those of you familiar with Rocket League, then you'd know what to do. You'll have to strike the ball or kick the ball to the enemy goal to score a point. Each round lasts three minutes and the team with a higher score at the end of the timer wins the round. The winners then play each other for 1st place while the losers battle for third.

Weapons and grenades also spawn on the field for players to use to better take control of the ball. While you can't damage your opponents in this game mode, you can still throw some freeze grenades to give them cold feet.

New creative modes like this can keep players coming back to Fortnite. They keep things fresh and is likely to help the game stay relevant. Creative modes can help casuals keep Fortnite alive, especially now that there are major fears about Fortnite's competitive future.