Valentine's Day is coming soon, and Fortnite will have an event called Hearts Wild for all you Duos out there. But be quick, as you and your partner only have three hours to win exclusive rewards in the Hearts Wild Cup. In case of time not being on your side, then you get the squad up and running for the Hearts Wild team battles. All of these will give you exclusive in-game rewards, so don't be tardy.

On top of the new competitions, Fortnite also got a whole new makeover to get the love in the air. With a new welcome hub, the game now screams love, love love. Fortnite has a lot in store during this Valentine's season, so you might need some heads up on some of these. All you need to know about Fortnite's Hearts Wild here.


Duo may not be the most popular game mode on Fortnite, but this limited-time event (LTE) will make it the most played. For a little while. At least three hours, probably.

This is because the Hearts Wild Cup will be testing your Duo's playing skills. The very limited-time event will only last three hours tomorrow, February 9. It then kicks off the rest of the Hearts Wild LTE, which lasts until February 15.

Why compete in the Hearts Wild Cup? Well, for skins, of course! The highest scoring Duos in every region will get a “Lovely” In-Game Cosmetic Outfit and Black Bling.

How does Hearts Wild Cup work? It's simple. Within the three-hour period of the contest, you and your partner will play through ten Duos matches. You earn points based on your performance in the match, with 42 points awarded for a Victory Royale. Your score after ten matches will determine your ranking in the regional leaderboards. Check out the full ruleset for the competition here.


In case you and your buddy aren't able to win during the Hearts Wild Cup, you still have a chance to earn exclusive rewards in time for Valentine's Day. For Fortnite's Hearts Wild Team Battles, you get the chance to compete with your favorite Creators. Between February 10-17, you can win a Breathless Blades Pickaxe, a Shufflly Shapes Wrap, a Reel Love Spray, a Perfect Match Emoticon, and a Hearts Wild Team Battles Banner by placing First. A lot more is in store for runners-up, so there's no harm in trying!

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Epic Games announced that there will be a separate blog post for details on how to join these team battles, so stay tuned!


Fortnite's Hearts Wild LTE won't be complete without an old-fashioned quest. This time, it's our turn to return the favor. The quest, which goes online on February 11, asks us to find a date for our friend Fishstick. Complete this quest and earn XP, and help spread the love all around the island!

Finally, new equipment and skins will be available in the Fortnite store for Valentine's season. This season, we'll see the return of Lovethorn to the Item Shop, and the debut of all-new skins like the Cuddle King costume. Grab these costumes and celebrate Valentine's Day on Fortnite as a Duo, Solo, or Squad. No matter what, you've got a whole game to accompany you this Valentine's Day. See you on the island!