Fortnite Nitro Splash gets a massive nerf on the latest update. Let's dive into the details.

The Fortnite v30.20 update has dropped bringing in multiple exciting things like the Fortnite Reload, the Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetic items, and some Wastelander Magneto quests.  However, on the other side of things, there are less exciting things brought to us as well.

For instance, the fan-favorite Nitro Splash has been nerfed big time. And we all know how important this item is in the current season. Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 has brought us a lot of new things. The focus of the game has shifted from the traditional tactical shooting to being a vehicle-driven experience. With nitro being added to the game, Fortnite has really been a chaotic and fun experience.

However, just like the vehicles being nerfed, the nitro splashes' time has come as well. The recent Fortnite update v30.20 has brought an insane nerf to the beloved nitro splash.

What is Nitro Splash in Fortnite

The Nitro Splash is a consumable item first introduced in Chapter 5 Season 3, and it affects both players and vehicles alike.

Effects on a player:

  • Increase movement speed
  • Gives a high-speed bash that damages, knocks back, and breaks through builds
  • Decrease stamina consumption
  • Increase stamina recharge speed
  • Maximum passive stamina regeneration
  • Gives immunity to fall damage
  • Gives the ability to sprint on water
  • Increase rifle recharge speed

Effects on a vehicle: 

  • Increase driving speed
  • Gives an explosive ramming power that deals damage and knockback
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Gives buff to attached vehicle modifications (machine gun turret or grenade launcher)

Nitro Splash Gets Nerfed

Prominent leaker, HYPEX, highlighted that the recent Fortnite update has immensely nerfed the Nitro splash. Previously, Nitro would cause 300 damage to builds, but now it only causes 90 damage. This reduction makes the Nitro Splash considerably less effective in its previous role as a powerful offensive tool than before. In a clip on posted X (formerly known as Twitter), HYPEX demonstrated this change by running into a build while in the Nitro state, showing the decreased damage impact.

How did the Fortnite community react to this 

As expected, the community's reactions to the Nitro Splash nerf have been mixed. Some players are applauding the nerf, appreciating the balance it brings to the game. However, others are upset, feeling that the item has become nearly useless.  One popular reply to the clip showing the nerf stated, “Nitro is basically useless now, how am I supposed to have fun in this game?” The user added, “Sweats always get what they want,” expressing frustration that competitive players' preferences often dictate game changes.

On the other hand, some players argue that the Nitro Splash still has valuable benefits, particularly the increased movement speed and other enhancements.

Overall, Fortnite's decision to nerf the Nitro Splash might be aimed at maintaining game balance. However, the community's divided response indicates that while some appreciate the effort to ensure competitive fairness, others feel it detracts from the game's fun and chaotic nature. The impact of this change on the overall gameplay dynamics is yet to be determined. Additionally,  it remains uncertain if Epic Games will make additional adjustments in response to player feedback.

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