NFL legend Tom Brady recently joined the Pat McAfee show to talk about his next career quest. Brady will be throwing on a suit and picking up the microphone next season, becoming a FOX Sports NFL analyst. He'll be replacing Greg Olsen who has been an analyst for the past few years. While Olsen has done a great job in the booth, the network decided to move on and give the game-day duties to the greatest football player of all time.

“Greg’s done an incredible job, I have so much respect for him, how he approaches his job,” said Brady, per Awful Announcing on X… “He’s super prepared in what he does. I think he does an incredible job every time he’s on. I love listening to him, and I’m just going to go in there and do the best I can do with my own perspective and I certainly have had a unique vision and perspective of the game for 23 years and hopefully I just can provide some insight to all the viewers and all the fans who love the game, who love the sport.

Brady will give insight, similar to Tony Romo, being able to see the game with a different perspective as a former quarterback. He brings experience and expertise from the gridiron. The seven-time Super Bowl champion signed a 10-year, $375 million deal to FOX Sports' No. 1 analyst.

“I’ve had 23 years of just observing. I get to go on now and speak to a wider audience, and I used to probably use my body and my brain out there and people would see me kind of lead the team down he field and now I get to do that in a different way using my voice.”