PFL Week 3: Andrey Koreshkov vs. Magomed Umalatov continues on the main card with a fight between former PFL finalist Gabriel Alves Braga and promotional newcomer Justin Gonzales in the featherweight division. Alves comes into this season looking to avenge his championship loss meanwhile, Gonzales is making his PFL regular season debut on the heel of back-to-back losses as he looks to make a statement in his newest home this Friday night. With that said, check out our PFL odds series for our Braga-Gonzales prediction and pick.

Gabriel Alves Braga (12-1) is coming off a knockout defeat to the eventual 2023 PFL Champion Jesus Pinedo. Braga ran through the competition during his first PFL regular season en route to a chance at $1 Million only to come up short. Now, Braga will be looking to right the ship and make a statement to the other featherweights when he makes his 2024 PFL regular season debut when he takes on Justin Gonzales this Friday night.

Justin Gonzales (14-3) hit a rough patch in 2023 when he lost to Timur Khizriev and Mads Burnell in back-to-back fights. He was able to amass a 3-3 record in Bellator before the PFL acquisition. Now, Gonzales will look to get back on track and make a name for himself when he steps into the PFL SmartCage for the first time when he takes on the former PFL featherweight finalist Gabriel Braga on Friday night.

Here are the PFL Odds, courtesy of BetOnline. 

PFL Week 3 Odds: Gabriel Alves Braga-Justin Gonzales Odds

Gabriel Alves Braga: -180

Justin Gonzales: +155

Over 2.5 rounds: -225

Under 2.5 rounds: +100

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Why Gabriel Alves Braga Will Win

This Friday night at PFL Week 3, the MMA community is set to witness an intriguing featherweight bout between Gabriel Braga and Justin Gonzales. Analyzing their fighting styles, records, and recent performances, there are several compelling reasons to believe that Braga will emerge victorious in this matchup.

Firstly, Braga's striking prowess is a critical factor in this matchup. Known for his dynamic striking arsenal, Braga possesses the speed, precision, and diversity in his striking techniques that have proven to be formidable assets inside the cage. His ability to effectively implement his striking game plan and keep Gonzales on the defensive could be the key to gaining the upper hand in the fight.

Another advantage for Braga is his ground game. While not the primary focus of his fighting style, Braga's proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission skills make him a well-rounded threat in all areas of the fight. If the bout transitions to the ground, Braga's ability to control positions and seek out submission opportunities could be a pivotal factor in securing victory.

Braga's recent performances have showcased his evolution as a fighter, demonstrating improved composure and fight IQ. This growth indicates that he is continuously honing his skills and adapting to higher levels of competition, making him a dangerous adversary for any opponent, including Gonzales.

Considering Braga's striking advantage, ground game, and recent form, it's reasonable to predict that Gabriel Braga will secure a victory against Justin Gonzales at PFL 2024 Week 3. His comprehensive skill set and ability to adapt and execute his game plan with precision position him as the fighter to watch in this highly anticipated featherweight bout

Why Justin Gonzales Will Win

As the Professional Fighters League (PFL) 2024 Week 3 event approaches, the featherweight division is set to light up with a compelling bout between Justin Gonzales and Gabriel Braga. Despite the buzz around Braga's striking prowess, there are several reasons to believe that Gonzales will emerge victorious in this matchup.

Justin Gonzales enters this fight with a reputation for toughness, resilience, and a well-rounded skill set. One of Gonzales' most significant advantages is his wrestling and grappling ability. His wrestling background provides him with the tools to dictate where the fight takes place, potentially neutralizing Braga's striking by bringing the fight to the ground. Once on the mat, Gonzales' control and ability to inflict damage through ground and pound could be decisive.

Moreover, Gonzales' striking should not be underestimated. While Braga may have the edge in striking diversity, Gonzales possesses powerful hands and a solid striking defense. His ability to close the distance and engage in the clinch could disrupt Braga's rhythm and allow Gonzales to land significant strikes.

Gonzales' cardiovascular conditioning is another factor that could play a crucial role in this fight. Known for his ability to maintain a high pace throughout the fight, Gonzales' stamina could be a key advantage, especially if the fight goes into the later rounds. His relentless pressure and endurance could wear down Braga, opening opportunities for takedowns or striking combinations.

Lastly, Gonzales' experience and fight IQ make him a formidable opponent. Having faced a variety of fighting styles, Gonzales has demonstrated the ability to adapt his strategy mid-fight to exploit his opponents' weaknesses. This adaptability could be crucial in a fight against a dynamic striker like Braga.

Considering Gonzales' wrestling and grappling ability, striking power, conditioning, and adaptability, it's reasonable to predict that Justin Gonzales will defeat Gabriel Braga at PFL 2024 Week 3. His comprehensive skill set and strategic approach position him as the fighter to watch in this eagerly awaited featherweight showdown.

Final Gabriel Alves Braga-Justin Gonzales Prediction & Pick

This should be a great scrap between these two featherweight contenders to start the PFL regular season. Gabriel Braga the former PFL finalist was looking prime to go undefeated in his first year in his time with PFL and win $1 Million but Pinedo had other plans. Braga now gets to take on a newcomer that's in a slump as he comes into his PFL debut Justin Gonzales. While Gonzales is a formidable opponent, he poses less of a threat than those that Braga has faced during his time with the promotion. Braga has the power and technical striking on the feet and the defensive grappling to make this a tough debut fight for Gonzales. Expect Braga to do what he does best and that is to push forward, be the aggresor, and land the more damaging shots en route to either a late stoppage or a unanimous decision victory.

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Final Gabriel Alves Braga-Justin Gonzales Prediction & Pick: Gabriel Braga (-180), Over 2.5 Rounds (-225)