Despite the main show being over, people are still clamoring for Game of Thrones sports merchandise. It makes sense, as GOT is one of the greatest shows ever, and few fandoms enjoy scooping up neat GOT collectibles as those who happen to love both sports and the HBO program.

Before we get going in full, a few notes!

We’re covering only a few of the many GOT sports merchandise that’s available for sale. Near the end of the post, we’ll let you know where you can go to browse for even more stuff, even though winter is going more than it is coming (get it?!).

Another important thing to note: Many of these items are in limited supply given the popularity of Game of Thrones as well as GOT collectibles.

Nevertheless, here’s our list of GOT collectibles, Game of Thrones sports merchandise, and more.

Game of Thrones Mascot On Dragon

Game of Thrones Sports Merchandise, GOT Sports Merchandise, GOT Collectibles

While the picture above features that Nationals bad boy rocking a dragon, FOCO has one for every single MLB team out there.

A solid gift, as it will represent both your team and Game of Thrones, it’s also nice that it doesn’t eat up a ton of size. It can fit on your nightstand, desk at work, or a variety of other places. Heck, maybe even the back of your toilet.

No matter where you decided to put this neat GOT collectible, don’t let it get to your head to the point you want to overthrow the entire planet and burn some innocent people to the ground.

Man, I’m still shaky from that awful last season.

Phillies Dire Wolf Bobblehead

Game of Thrones Sports Merchandise, GOT Sports Merchandise, GOT Collectibles

Even if there were zero sports tilts to this item, I’d still buy it. The dire wolf is one of the best parts of Game of Thrones. Representing each of the Stark children (or, well… no spoilers but one of them is not a Stark!), these nifty wild puppies are as adorable as they are violent.

The show didn’t do as good a job as the books in presenting just how important these characters were to the story, but as we were able to find out by the series’ end, it appears the people in charge of the program didn’t exactly know what they were doing.

Show what you are doing by scooping up these neat GOT sports merchandise related items.

Dodgers White Walker

Game of Thrones Sports Merchandise, GOT Sports Merchandise, GOT Collectibles

White Walkers were basically zombies with brains, a plan to overthrow the world, and were truly gifted in murdering people in the cold.

While I spend time fearing the outside to the point I don’t want to go warm up my car, White Walkers are heroes of the snow. And when I say heroes of the snow, I mean they are really villains who are 100 percent going to eat our souls if given the chance.

A somewhat random aside: Having not read the books before watching the show, I honestly believed the Stark family would be attached directly to the White Walker lineage. Remember in Season 1, when King Robert visited our friend Ned Stark and how the latter’s sister (and the former’s lover) was buried in the crypt, then how Ned shunned Robert’s notion of putting her out where the sun can hit her?

ABOUT THAT… I thought it was a very early crumb to let us know that Ned — at least maybe just Ned — knew that when the White Walkers came coming, the bodies would be rising. Moreover, perhaps how the Stark blood mixed especially weird with White Walker evil.

I was… wrong. Dead wrong. Not as dead wrong as everyone from the Red Wedding, though.

GOT Collectible Mascot On A Throne

Game of Thrones Sports Merchandise, GOT Sports Merchandise, GOT Collectibles

What would a list about GOT collectables, GOT sports merchandise, etc., and the like be if it didn’t feature at least one item of the Iron Throne.

Like every other Game of Thrones related item on this list, FOCO has one of these that represents every team in all of Major League Baseball.

Spoiler inbound:

Honestly, still can’t believe the most annoying, least developed of the Stark children won the Iron Throne… basically moments after saying he doesn’t care about anything.

Alas, here’s to hoping one day HBO recons the entire last two seasons of the show, attempts to fix it all, and fans get the ending they truly deserve. You know, the one where Theon Greyjoy completes some crazy redemption arc and becomes ruler of all the kingdoms.

Oh wait… I’m the only one who wanted to see that?

Even More GOT Sports Merchandise

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? You can find even more GOT sports merchandise right here!