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Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards ripped apart for allegedly owing $22,000 over Call of Duty

Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards

Minnesota Timberwolves stud Anthony Edwards had a memorable debut campaign as a rookie this season. However, it appears that he hasn’t found the same amount of luck when it comes to Call of Duty.

The 19-year-old is now being accused of owing a whopping $22,000 for allegedly losing a bet (or perhaps an accumulation of bets) on the wildly popular first-person shooting game.

A Twitter user named Andrew Belton posted several screenshots containing his chat conversation with the Timberwolves star. Apparently, Edwards has decided not to pay him the money he allegedly owes. The dude even got blocked by Edwards on social media:


Based on their conversation above, it seems that Edwards did not want to pay off the bet unless Belton granted his rematch demand. Belton also implied in one of his messages that this was not the first time the Timberwolves youngster refused to pay off his lost bets.

To be clear, these allegations are not substantiated. Belton did say that he has further evidence to prove the authenticity of his claim, but at this point, there appears to be no way to verify if these are all true. That is of course unless Anthony Edwards himself admits to these assertions.

It’s totally normal to have a healthy fascination for Call of Duty. What Edwards does with his own hard-earned money is also his prerogative. What’s not cool, however, is not paying up when you lose bets. I hope these allegations aren’t true, because if they are, it’s a really bad look for the Timberwolves guard.