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Genshin Impact News: Labyrinth Warriors Event Details

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Genshin Impact’s Version 2.2 reveal might not be as chock-full of new content as Version 2.0 and 2.1, but there are still a lot of great events in store for players to participate in. We’re about to get new Hangouts, combat-oriented events, Serenitea Pot additions, and even a whole new island to explore. One of these important events in the next version is the Labyrinth Warriors, a roguelike event where players traverse rooms, with random enemies and choices to progress. Completing this event rewards players with different sorts of materials, Mora, Primogems, and even get Xinyan along the way.

In the event, Labyrinth Warriors, players enter the Inazuman Domain, called the Mystic Onmyou Chamber. They will need to navigate its labyrinthian rooms with the help of the Shiki Taishou, a paper figure who will assist players with its Charm Magic. Certain magic seals called Shikifuda will be available for players during preparation, and they can buff their teams in various ways, like damage bonuses, damage resistance, shields, and Energy Recharge among others. 

Before entering the Domain, players are required to set up two different teams, one being the Combat Team, while the other being the Support Team. They can also prepare the Shikifuda to be brought, and activate certain Charm Magics using Damaged Replicas obtained from the Labyrinth. 

Upon entering, players have to clear the monsters of each room before going into the next. A list of monsters are prepared for every level, but the manner in which they spawn in each room is completely random. After clearing a room, players are rewarded with random items, like Battered Shikifuda, Damaged Replicas, and Aged Tokens. Battered Shikifuda are like currency that can be exchanged for buffs in between rooms, to make the rest of the run easier. Damaged Replicas are used to activate Charm Magic and enhance Shiki Taishou’s powers. Aged Tokens are the main currency used to exchange for event rewards, like materials and Primogems, or for inviting Xinyan.

This event also includes its own story quest, which surprisingly involves Childe and Xinyan. These two characters have long been left in the dust for their lack of screentime, or even any content that includes them. This event is a good sign that miHoYo has not forgotten about these two characters. All in all, this event has a lot to offer, and is definitely a good change of pace for people who want to smack more monsters in the face.