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The best weapon build and artifact build for Childe in Genshin Impact

Childe Tartaglia Genshin Impact

After getting a re-run way back in April, Childe is back once again, this time in version 2.2, making him the first character to receive a second re-run. He will be followed by Hu Tao’s re-run, but for now, we go after Childe’s guide.

Childe dominates the battlefield by switching between his bow and his dual swords, dealing massive AoE and burst damage when built properly. With this guide, the Fatui Harbinger will shine as your main carry and bring havoc wherever you take him.

Childe is a bow user whose main damage comes from his melee form and is mostly played as a melee character who utilizes a flurry of swift Hydro-infused attacks. He has a very high potential DPS when built properly but can also make use of strong Vaporise reactions for incredible burst damage. Pulling for him is also ideal because his banner contains Rosaria, too.


Foul Legacy: Raging Tide is Childe’s bread-and-butter ability, where most of his damage comes from. This skill turns his ranged bow attacks into hydro-infused melee slashes for a set duration. You can switch back to the bow before the duration ends to reduce the cooldown of this skill. Apart from changing forms, this ability also applies Riptide Slash, dealing AoE Hydro damage when hitting an opponent affected by Riptide. This passive, along with his 2nd talent (which applies Riptide when you deal a critical hit), lets Childe deal a lot of AoE damage when foes are grouped up.

Meanwhile, Havoc: Obliteration has different effects based on Childe’s current form. During his bow form, he fires an arrow dealing AoE Hydro damage, applying Riptide, and refunds a portion of its Energy cost after casting. This ability is good for spamming his burst due to its low Energy cost, allowing for faster burst rotations when set up properly. When used during his melee form, he performs a slash with increased damage, dealing massive AoE Hydro damage and triggering Riptide Blast. Riptide Blast clears the Riptide status but deals AoE Hydro damage when consumed. Childe’s burst in melee form is considered as one of the highest burst damage abilities in the game, next to Mona and Hu Tao’s bursts. When set up properly with Vaporise, his burst can lead to absurd amounts of damage worthy of showcase.


Skyward Harp – This choice is a no-brainer: Crit Rate, Crit Damage, high base ATK-everything that Childe wants. The amount of stats this weapon provides really benefits Childe and the other passive of this weapon pushes his DPS further. Skyward Harp increases Crit DMG by 20%, and hits have a 60% chance to inflict a small AoE attack, dealing 125% Physical ATK DMG every 4s. This weapon also has the highest base attack out of all the bows, and also has Crit Rate has its substat, which is perfect for Childe.

Thundering Pulse – A very powerful weapon for Tartaglia thanks to the passive skill that allows him to deal a lot of damage every time he switches weapons with his Elemental Skill. Getting up to 40% Normal Attack DMG and 20% increase in ATK helps make Tartaglia a force to reckon with, more reliable DPS without having to rely on critical hit chance.

Polar Star – The bow that comes along Childe’s re-run banner in version 2.2 is a great weapon to pick up for him. For an up to 48% ATK increase thanks to Ashen Nightstar will help Childe mow down on opponents, finishing them off with his Elemental Burst, which is increased by 12% thanks to the weapon’s passive. The weapon also has an increased CRIT rate, making it very desirable for Childe.


Heart of Depth – This artifact set seems tailor-made for Childe, with its 2-piece bonus increasing Hydro damage by 15%, and its 4-piece bonus increasing your Normal and Charged Attack DMG by 30% for 15s. You can get this from the Peak of Vindagnyr domain, which is located atop the Dragonspine Peak. The substats you’re looking for are Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and Atk% for optimal damage. 

Noblesse Oblige – For comps that rely on Elemental Burst rotations, we use this set to maximize Childe’s Burst damage. Its 2-piece bonus increases Elemental Burst damage, and 4-piece bonus increasing your team’s ATK by 20% after using an Elemental Burst. However, if one of your party members already has a 4-piece with them, change this up a little. It’s then better for Childe to use 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige and 2 pieces of Heart of Depth for maximum Hydro damage from his Burst. 


Using Childe isn’t easy because of the specific timing on his skills, thus requiring specific compositions to squeeze the most out of Childe’s high damage potential. Play around his Skill cooldown and high burst damage, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be able to clear abyss floors in no time.

Vaporise Childe – This composition relies on Childe constantly applying Hydro for Xiangling’s burst to constantly Vaporise every time it hits. Of course, one has to have a well-built Xiangling to utilize this strategy, but it’s not too difficult to achieve. Bennett comes as a good addition thanks to his HUGE attack buff and tons of healing, and the last one to fill this team is up to you to decide.

Fireworks Childe – This composition is really fun to play, but requires a Fischl and a Beidou for it to work. Although completely playable at C0, it’s optimal to have Beidou at C2/C6, and Fischl at C6. Using Beidou’s Elemental Burst to constantly deal Electro damage on every attack, and Fischl’s second talent to deal Electro damage when creating an Electro-based reaction, Childe can enable massive amounts of Electro-charged reactions during the duration. With a bit of Elemental Mastery across your characters, you can easily deal a lot of damage from Electro-charged alone.


Childe is definitely one of the more interesting characters due to his kit’s complexity and unique play style, but he also doesn’t fall short when it comes to filling the DPS role. As long as you can play with his specific restrictions and be mindful of how long you’re staying in his melee form, Childe becomes a formidable character and one who can carry hard and be fun to play at the same time.