Having trouble fighting Genshin Impact’s newest weekly boss, the Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto? The boss, sometimes referred to as Raiden Shogun for convenience, is one of the hardest weekly bosses in the game, even having an attack that is almost a one-hit kill. Read on for some tips and tricks so you don’t get killed in one hit.

Team Composition

It all begins with your party members. The Raiden Shogun boss is very mobile, frequently dashing and blinking for a lot of her attack patterns. This means you need a quick way of hitting her even after she moves as to not break your damage. Bow users and Catalyst users are great to bring in this boss fight. A personal favorite is Ganyu, the 5* Cryo Bow character. Cryo and Pyro characters also make short work of the Narukami no Mikoto’s Electro shield. An Electro character is also required to generate the shield that protects you from her time fracturing slash.

To sum up, bring a Catalyst or Bow user to deal with her mobility, a Cryo or Pyro character to break her shield, and an Electro character to activate the nodes that generates a protective dome for you.

Raiden Shogun Boss Fight Proper

Upon starting the battle, the Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto will bein its initial form. It will do melee attacks with occasional dashes and blinks. Note that these attacks deal a ton of damage, it would be wise to use the invincibility frames from dash to dodge these, or have a good shield character.

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The fury bar visible under the Narukami no Mikoto’s health bar on the top of your screen will fill up when she deals or receives damage. Once filled, she will change forms. Her attacks in this form are trickier, and she gains an Electro shield. Slowly whittle down the shield with Cryo or Pyro infused attacks.

After some time or after changing forms, the Narukami no Mikoto will do a special attack. The first type is her clones. She will produce four identical clones in a square formation, and you are meant to find the “real” one. Each of these clones will attack in a \ (slash) shaped wave, except for the real one. The real one, when attacking, will produce an X-shaped slash. Make short work of this clone by attacking it with your Cryo or Pyro character, and gain a hidden achievement for getting the real one on the first try.

Another special attack is the Electro orbs that each produce damaging pulses. The orbs themselves can be destroyed using Cryo or Pyro attacks. If you couldn’t close the distance fast enough, jumping over or dashing through the pulses will allow you to dodge the damage from them.

For her “time fracture” slash, you are provided an orb. Charging up the orb produces a protective dome. This orb charges up with any elemental attacks, but attacking it with Electro will fill the bar in one go. The Narukami no Mikoto will still do the animation for her attack, but as long as you are inside the dome you will not take any damage.

When her shield is broken during her awakened form, all of your party members’ energy will be fully charged, and the Narukami no Mikoto will be unable to perform any action and has less resistances. This is your biggest window to deal as much damage as possible, so do your full rotation while she’s stunned!

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