The Director in charge of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, the creative genius, Yun Jin, will not only appear in Genshin Impact‘s version 2.4 as a new character. She will also be the subject of something new miHoYo is trying their hands on. She will be the protagonist of her very own Genshin Impact short film. When and where can you watch this film, you ask? Here are everything you need to know about the Yun Jin short film, including release date, where to watch, and what to expect.

Genshin Impact‘s Yun Jin Short Film Release Date: January 2022

Yun Jin is special in Genshin Impact in a couple of ways. For one, she is meant to introduce players to Chinese culture – apparent from her role as a storyteller, dramatist, and singer from Liyue, a location in-game that is modeled after China. Because she sings – and some of her voice lines have her singing – she also will be depicted using two voice actresses. Finally, she has her very own short film coming up. As revealed in the Genshin Impact 2.4 Special Program Livestream, fans can expect this short film to be available in mid-January 2022.

The short film will be documenting miHoYo's design process, focusing on how they designed Yun Jin from the ground up. As to where we can watch the Yun Jin short film, fans could expect to find the video in Genshin Impact‘s Youtube Channel.

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