The San Francisco Giants have had money burning in their pockets since last season. They tried to sign Aaron Judge and Carlos Correa, offering big-money deals to both, yet could never come through with either. So, it's understandable they'd want someone like Shohei Ohtani (who wouldn't?), who could be the big superstar player they need to get them back deep into October baseball. Perhaps if the Giants made a trade for the dual-threat player mid-season this year, before the MLB trade deadline, they wouldn't have to worry about other teams signing him away in the offseason. They would have first dibs on courting him.

But as we all know, a trade for Ohtani will be a substantial one that will cost some team a large portion of their future. ESPN recently wrote a hypothetical blockbuster trade scenarios, where they went through some of the more favored Ohtani suitors, attempting to dissect what it would take for each team to make a trade for the Japanese juggernaut. The Giants were one of these teams.

Overall, this hypothetical trade between the Los Angeles Angels and Giants involves some significant assets and has potential implications for both teams involved. Let's break it down and evaluate its merits and drawbacks:

Players Involved

LHP Kyle Harrison: Harrison is a promising pitching prospect and giving up a top-20 prospect like him could be painful for the Giants. However, the trade could be justified if it helps in securing a long-term deal with Ohtani.

SS Marco Luciano: Luciano is another top-20 prospect who holds a lot of potential. Trading him away is a significant loss for the Giants, but if it strengthens their chances of acquiring Ohtani and signing him long-term, it might be worth considering.

LHP/DH Reggie Crawford: Crawford is a two-way player showcasing potential in High-A. Including him in the deal could be seen as a logical move, considering the theme of trading two-way players for each other.

OF Mike Yastrzemski: Yastrzemski adds some power and experience to the Angels' outfield, which they could benefit from, adding some power back to their lineup. Although, his .225 lifetime batting average isn't too appealing.

LHP Carson Whisenhunt (added): Angels get the No. 4 ranked prospect from the Giants, according to, and by doing so, add another pitcher, who is currently making his way through AA ball currently.

Trade Analysis

For the Giants: Acquiring Ohtani would be a significant boost for their roster and could be a smart move to compete both in the short and long term, that is if they are able to re-sign him in the offseason, per ESPN's Jesse Rogers. That, of course, is crucial to this scenario. While giving up Harrison and Luciano is a high price, Rogers notes, it might be necessary to secure a player of Ohtani's caliber.

For the Angels: The trade brings in promising young prospects in Harrison and Luciano, which could help build for the future. Yastrzemski's power could add depth to their outfield.

Carson Whisenhunt: For this to be a realistic deal, the Giants must include left-hander Carson Whisenhunt, since the Angels will most likely be looking for some pitching help for the future, ESPN's Senior MLB Writer Jeff Passan insisted.

Overall Grade: B

The proposed trade has its merits, especially if it enhances the Giants' chances of signing Ohtani long-term. But again, it must be furthered emphasized how important that is. Because if you're going to trade that much of a future away, especially including Whisenhunt, then you better have a future with Ohtani. However, giving up two top-20 prospects, including a promising pitcher like Harrison, is a considerable risk. To improve the trade's competitiveness, the Giants could consider including another highly regarded prospect or an established player to sweeten the deal further.

Ultimately, whether this type of trade would go through or not would depend on how both teams assess their long-term strategies and goals. This is graded as a B because, while Ohtani would be a good fit in San Francisco — culturally and with the team — the question marks come in his future after this season concludes. A trade of this magnitude would be a significant, lopsided haul for one player. But it would be manageable for the Giants, unlike most teams.