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Brian Daboll responds to Kenny Golladay’s vocal frustrations over playing time

Brian Daboll, Kenny Golladay, Giants

The New York Giants may have a Kenny Golladay problem on their hands. Their star free agent signing during the 2021 offseason is unhappy with his playing time to start the season for the Giants, and could end up requesting a trade out of New York if he continues to receive no playing time. Strangely enough, Giants head coach Brian Daboll is happy to hear Golladay’s concerns.

Daboll said that he believes that Golladay’s concerns about his playing time show his competitive spirit, which he will need to have on full display if he wants to make his way back on the field. Despite praising Golladay’s response to the situation, Daboll refused to specify what Golladay’s role with New York would be in their Week 3 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

This is a bit of an interesting response from Daboll. You would figure he would want to keep his team’s top wide receiver happy considering they dished out $72 million to sign him in free agency, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. It’s probably helped that the Giants have won their first two games of the season without getting much help from Golladay.

Golladay hasn’t ruled out requesting a trade in the future if his situation doesn’t change, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see his involvement in the Giants upcoming game determine what he decides to do in that regard. Brian Daboll is clearly hoping that Golladay will fight for his spot on the roster, but he may end up forcing him off the team instead. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out moving forward, and Week 3 figures to have a big role in determining how it goes.