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Giants quarterback Daniel Jones’ status vs. Dolphins made more confusing by Joe Judge

Giants, Daniel Jones, Joe Judge

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones sustained a neck injury during his team’s 13-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12. Jones was believed to be sidelined for Week 13 by NFL reporters Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero- or at least very doubtful to play- but Giants head coach Joe Judge’s comments from Wednesday make the whole situation more confusing ahead of the clash with the Miami Dolphins.

Giants coach Joe Judge didn’t offer much information about Daniel Jones’ neck injury other than the fact that the signal-caller is not only expected to practice on Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday as well. Jones also won’t be ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins yet. What?! 

Either Jones miraculously took a turn for the better, Rapoport and Pelissero, two of the best in the NFL reporting business, have lost their touch, or Judge flat-out misled people about the status of Jones.

The first two options are highly unlikely, leaving the third option- Judge was a bit misleading in talking about Jones’ injury- as the likeliest scenario going on here. It’s not exactly a cardinal sin to reveal everything and anything about a player’s status before a contest. After all, the idea is to not tell the opponent everything.

And of course, there’s still a chance that Jones practices for the Giants and doesn’t play.

Still, it would at least be nice for Giants’ fans to hear a more affirmative statement from Judge about whether or not Jones is playing Sunday.