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Giants TE Evan Engram confronts trade rumors with extra spicy reaction

Evan Engram, Giants

The NFL trade deadline is coming up fast, and among the names churning the rumor mill is New York Giants tight end Even Engram. But if you want to ask him about his feelings about that, maybe don’t bother at all, as he seems to have made it clear that he he has no interest in discussing these rumors any further.

Via Pat Leonard of the Daily News:

“I don’t really understand why y’all ask that type of question, like [you think] you’re gonna hear, ‘No, I don’t want to be here.’ That’s never gonna come out of my mouth,” Engram, 27, told the Daily News on Wednesday. “That shouldn’t come out of anybody’s mouth that’s here. My job here is to play football. I’m a New York Giant. People in this building believe in me. They believe in us.”

That’s not going to stop people from talking about his future with the Giants, though. Engram is playing out the last year of his current contract with New York, which expires at the end of the 2021 NFL season. The Giants don’t appear to be they are headed to the playoffs after a 1-5 start to the season. They have lost their last two games and will have the Carolina Panthers, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Las Vegas Raiders as their next three opponents.

Engram remains an intriguing football talent, but he’s always banged up. He’s played 16 games in a season just once, which was last year, but he’s already missed games this season. When he’s healthy, though, Engram can look like a tier-1 tight end, so expect teams slim in that position should at least try to sniff around the possibility of the Giants trading the 27-year-old Ole Miss product away before the Nov. 2 trade deadline.