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Giants OC Jason Garrett was hired to help Daniel Jones’ development

Jason Garrett, Daniel Jones, Giants

The New York Giants have brought in Jason Garrett as their offensive coordinator to help with Daniel Jones’ development. Garrett got a lot of heat during his time as the head coach with the Dallas Cowboys for team success, but he did great work with the development of Tony Romo and Dak Prescott.

With Jones entering his second year, it was important the team made the perfect hire with their head coach and offensive coordinator to help push him forward.

The Giants hired Joe Judge to lead the troops, and he revealed bringing in Garrett was all about the work he has done during his time with quarterbacks.

“Look, it’s a quarterback-driven league,” Giants head coach Joe Judge said on Wednesday of Garrett’s background as both a player and a coach during his first public comments about hiring Garrett as offensive coordinator via Tom Rock of Newsday. “Someone who’s worked successfully with multiple quarterbacks and had developed them over time, who has vast knowledge himself as a player in this league in different systems under different coordinators and playing with other great players, that’s definitely something that’s going to add to this organization and this offense.”

With some impressive development of Jones, there is a chance Garrett could get another look as a head coach next season, and that is something Judge is okay with.

“Look, I hope everybody on our staff has options to advance their careers at some point,” Judge said. “That means business is good. We want our coaches to be wanted by other people, that means we’re doing a good job here… But definitely there’s no one I’m bringing in my building who’s going to have agendas. Because if there’s division within the coaches it’s going to go straight to the locker room and you cannot win with a divided locker room.”

Judge is right, the team needs to focus on the Giants first because otherwise there will be no head coaching offers for anyone on the staff.