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Kurt Warner compares Daniel Jones to Bengals’ Andy Dalton

The New York Giants were met with a lot of criticism when they selected Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. Many felt this was far too early to be drafting Jones, and that there were better quarterbacks still on the board.

It’s definitely still too early to be making judgements on that one way or another. Jones has had a strong preseason for the most part, and has won quite a few people over. However, he still has some detractors.

Kurt Warner is one of them – to a certain extent, at least. Honestly, this is a little confusing. As he told Chris Ryan of NJ.com, Warner sees Daniel Jones as another Andy Dalton.

Now, this isn’t as demeaning to Dalton as you might think. Warner using Dalton as the example to temper expectations doesn’t mean he thinks he’s terrible. Dalton’s definitely had some great years, as well as some exceptionally average ones.

What Warner is getting at, though. is that Jones doesn’t cross him as a quarterback who will elevate a team. Could he maybe get New York to the playoffs? Sure. Will he get them further than that and make them Super Bowl contenders? It appears Warner doesn’t believe so.

To be fair, this is a credible criticism of Dalton’s career. The quarterback hasn’t won a playoff game in his career despite being the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals since 2011.

The good news for Daniel Jones is he’s still in the preseason of his rookie year. There’s more than enough time for him to change Kurt Warner’s mind.

But for now, that’s all we have of Jones – projections. Soon enough we’ll see him in regular season games. Whether that’s this year, next year or sometime down the road is yet to be seen. With his play this preseason, it looks to be sooner rather than later when Jones will get a chance to prove he’s the real deal.