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Giants star Saquon Barkley reacts to sucking at beer pong at Penn State tailgate

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New York Giants star running back Saquon Barkley was back at Penn State over the weekend for the Nittany Lions’ showdown against the Auburn Tigers. Barkley got in on some tailgating action, including a little beer pong.

Unfortunately, it seems as if Barkley either just really sucks at beer pong or he had a bad day because he was rusty. After all, Barkley probably isn’t playing beer pong on the regular like he may have been during his days as the Big Man on Campus in Happy Valley.

Here’s visual evidence of his suckage (h/t Barstool Sports):

@daniellesulemaNo hard feelings Saquon, please come again soon!💙 #fyp #pennstate #psu #saquonbarkley @nygiants @psubarstool @psuchicks♬ original sound – Danielle

But wait, there’s more:

@kayliehaberThis was actually crazy I’m not over it #saquon #celebrityshots #gamedaycheck #saquonvisual #IDeserveTuitionContest #ZFlipClackdown #fyp♬ original sound – kayliehaber

The Giants running back came across Barstool’s story on Tuesday morning and used the rusty excuse:

It’s certainly a fair one. As someone who barely plays beer pong now after making a habit of it in my college days, it always takes some time to find that groove again when I do play. I feel Saquon Barkley’s pain.

On the other hand, how disappointing would it be if you got to be Barkley’s beer pong partner now that he’s an NFL star and he just stunk up the joint? Sad!

Barkley isn’t doing too much winning these days in general. In addition to the beer pong struggles, his Giants are 0-2 on the young NFL season as he returns from a devastating knee injury. He’s still trying to find his groove on the football field again as well, just like at the beer pong table.

Hey, at least Penn State won, so he has that going for him.