Giants news: Tiki Barber doesn't think team should shut down Saquon Barkley
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Tiki Barber doesn’t think Giants should shut down Saquon Barkley

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New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is banged up and there have been some questions if the team will shut him down. Tiki Barber, one of the best running backs in Giants history was asked by TMZ if he thought shutting Barkley down was a smart decision, and his answer was very clear.

“Hell no.”

Barber thinks that if the team was to shut down Barkley it would hurt their star running back because he wants to be on the field playing.

“I don’t think they should shut him down. I think that would be detrimental to his psyche, ’cause he wants to be out there playing,” Barber tells us.

“I think limiting his carries might be smart going forward. Get Wayne Gallman some runs, and try to keep [Saquon] as healthy as possible.”

After the Giants loss on Sunday, Barkley had an X-ray on his shoulder and although he isn’t 100 percent he is expected to be fine. The Giants are on bye this week so Barkley has some extra time to rest his shoulder and get better.

When Barkley was asked if he was ready to be shut down, he also made his thoughts very clear.

“The mindset of sitting me out and resting me for the rest of the season is beyond me,” Barkley said. “I do not agree with it. It won’t happen. I’m going to keep going until I can’t go no more. That’s the player I am and I’m going to do it for my teammates.”

The Giants have made it clear they still want to win games this year, so it would make the most sense to keep Barkley on the field.