Go-Go Town, brought to you by Prideful Sloth, is a cute city builder/town-building game where you play as the town’s new Mayor. The game feels very familiar with having a mix of Animal Crossing, The Sims, and Harvest Moon as the game actually lets you do all the crazy things that you can also do from the previously mentioned titles. In this article, we bring you Go-Go Town’s review, gameplay, and release date.

Go-Go Town Gameplay Review: Gather, Process, Build, and Sustain!

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If you’re a fan of simulation games, Go-Go Town is a game that you should consider as it has a mix of all the best games in the genre like Animal Crossing, The Sims, and Harvest Moon. The game will immerse you in a lot of gathering – From materials to building new shops, stores, and decorations to collecting ingredients necessary for your stores to run and actually sell their products. It’s all about being able to retrieve the required items to make your city flourish (and help make its economy grow as well). There are tools that will help you in this endeavor – cutting trees and processing them into wood planks as well as mining rocks and turning them into steel. Ingredients for food will also require the same process: planting them, harvesting them, and processing them like turning wheat into flour, cacao pods into chocolate, and so on. As you progress and earn enough in-game currency, you will then have the chance to let someone else do the dirty work – hire or employ a city folk to do it for you. In this game, you’ll need to sustain the ingredients for stores to sell their goods, and hiring employees to do work for you will make it all easy.

These are all very nice to read but being able to actually test and play the game firsthand was a great experience. Go-Go Town offers a vibrant take on a city builder sim game and what we liked about it the most were the in-game tracks that it had. It was a pretty chill experience and very addicting, speaking quite honestly. Gathering all the necessary materials was a fairly easy task but figuring out what processes to what was the problem. It would take some time to get acquainted with all the raw materials and how to process them was a little bit puzzling at first.

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On the game’s website, it shares “Work your own hours. Be your own boss. One quick phone call and, Congratulations! You’re the new mayor of Go-Go Town; a rundown tourism destination, well past its prime. Just like its residents… Who said being Mayor was going to be easy?! Get those hands dirty; terraform the land, play with power tools, construct fresh roads and shiny new shops, attract tourists, and juggle any unexpected challenges and disasters… Every decision and action made shapes the future of your town. But even the busiest of bees need a chance to relax! Hop in your car and head into town where you can get to know the eclectic townsfolk, dance like no one’s watching, beat your high score at the arcade, indulge in a cheeky hotdog, pop a wheelie while riding your bike around, or even high-five a cow (if that’s your thing). Welcome to Go-Go Town! You’re going to do great.”

There are also options for you to ride around the city like a bicycle and a truck where you can actually load more items at the back to make deliveries around the city (pretty neat, am I right?). So, explore your city, make it beautiful, and let your imagination run wild with the game. You are in charge and what you say is what they will do.

Wake Me Up Before You a Go-Go Town Release Date

Go-Go Town’s release date is yet to be confirmed but if you were to pick up the game, it will be available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. Currently, you can already add it to your Wishlist on Steam.

Overall, the game promises to deliver a pretty neat and chill gameplay that lets you be in charge of what is to happen to your city. The plans of developing the place from nothing into something will let your imagination run wild and design it to your liking. Personally, we can’t wait for the game to come out and play it further ourselves and see where we could take it.

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