Hold onto your hats, Good Burger fans, because we've got some exciting news for you! The much-loved 1997 Nickelodeon film is officially getting a sequel, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Even better, original stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are set to reprise their roles, which means we're in for a whole lot of laughs.

In Good Burger 2, we'll see Dexter Reed (Thompson) and Ed (Mitchell) reunited in the present day at the fast-food restaurant we all know and love. There'll be a hilarious new group of employees in the mix, and plenty of wacky gags to keep us entertained. But it's not all fun and games – Dexter's latest invention failed, and he's down bad. Luckily, Ed is there to welcome him back to Good Burger and give him his former job back. But with the fate of the restaurant at risk once again, Dexter will have to come up with a new plan to get back on his feet.

The movie is being written by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, who also serve as executive producers, and directed by Phil Traill. James III will also be serving as a writer. Production is set to begin in May, with the movie debuting on Paramount+ later in 2023. And if you're wondering if it'll be worth the wait, just take a look at the success of the original: it grossed almost $24 million against an $8 million budget and has gained a cult following over the years.

We're not the only ones excited, either. Kenan Thompson himself said he can't believe it's been over 25 years since Good Burger was born, and he's proud to be a part of something that's been loved by so many generations, per Variety. And Tanya Giles, Chief Programming Officer of Paramount Streaming, says that Good Burger 2 will be a great addition to their 2023 programming slate and is sure to serve up everything All That fans and new viewers alike will enjoy.

So get ready to head back to Good Burger – it's sure to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of the original, and a chance for a new generation to fall in love with the comedic duo's antics all over again.