Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant is one of the brightest stars in the NBA and arguably the most exciting player to watch in the league. From his ridiculous dimes to highlight reel dunks, Ja is the real deal. While he's laser-focused on taking the Grizz to the Promised Land sooner rather than later, the former second-overall pick also has another lofty goal: To be a billionaire by 30.

Via Jabari Young:

“Me and my mom started a saying right after the season,” Morant tells Forbes. “Be a billionaire by 30. That’s my goal. So I have seven years.”

Is it possible? Maybe. The only active player in that category is LeBron James. As of last summer, he had a net worth of $1.2 billion. That was much in part to not only NBA contracts, but tons of endorsements, most notably with Nike, who gave the King a lifetime deal worth more than $1 billion in 2015.

Back to Morant. He just inked a $194 million extension with Memphis in July. The phenom also has sponsorship deals with Beats By Dre, Hasbro, Panini, and Hyperice. Ja Morant just released his first sneaker with Nike too and will be getting a pretty penny from them as one of their signature athletes.

Becoming a billionaire isn't easy but if there is one young player who is capable of doing so, it's Ja. He's already the most-viewed NBA player on social media and electrifies crowds every time he steps on the floor. Morant's swag, talent, and marketability are clear. The sky is the limit for the 23-year-old, both on and off the hardwood. And his bank account will surely benefit more, whether he reaches 10 figures or not.