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Grizzlies now have four Summer League MVPs on their roster


While the Memphis Grizzlies might not be competing for much this upcoming season, they’ve amassed four MVPs on their roster. Granted, they’re Summer League MVPs, but the stat is still a little impressive. Here are the four player who won the award and wear the Grizzlies uniform:

Unfortunately for Memphis, none of these players will be contending for the actual MVP award anytime soon.

Right now, the most established player on the list would be Jonas Valanciunas. He was acquired from Toronto midway through last season when he was swapped for Marc Gasol. The move broke the hearts of Grizzlies fans by sending away the longtime Memphis big man, but they received a solid player in the move. In 19 games with Memphis, Valanciunas averaged 19.9 points and 10.7 rebounds, giving Grizz fans hope that they still have one of the better traditional centers in the game.

The other players on the list have yet to truly blossom. Kyle Anderson and Tyus Jones have carved out solid roles for themselves in the league, but will more than likely remain solid role players or backups.

The most recent winner, Brandon Clarke, might have the most potential. The bouncy forward will be right at home in Memphis. He is an athletic forward who is ready to do the dirty work while rallying the home crowd.

The Grizzlies don’t have any MVPs on their roster yet, but they certainly have some good young talent.