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Video: Grizzlies’ Joakim Noah dunks on Rudy Gobert

Joakim Noah, Grizzlies

At 34 years old and a laundry list of injuries on his resumé already, it’s pretty much safe to say that Memphis Grizzlies center Joakim Noah is all but a washed up commodity at this point.

However on Friday, the former Defensive Player of the Year displayed a rare glimpse of what made him such a magnetic on-court persona during his heydays with the Chicago Bulls. Here’s a clip (via UPROXX’s Dime twitter account) of Noah soaring over the much younger and fellow defensive savant Rudy Gobert:

While both Joakim Noah and Rudy Gobert are primarily known for their respective defensive prowess, it’s always a treat for NBA fans to see either of the two big men put on some oomph on offense as well, especially coming from the more weathered veteran.

Noah’s numbers this season as a member of the Grizzlies are far from what he can put out in his prime, but that’s justified again given his age and history with injuries.

What’s actually appealing, on the other hand, is that as seen in this quick slamma-jamma clip, the former two-time NBA All-Star embodies what Grizzlies basketball is all about. He still has the grit to compete with the younger big men in the league like Gobert, and he’ll grind out a highlight reel or two when he’s given an opportunity.

It also helps that Noah has the look of a Grizz player with his scruffy facade to complement his towering height reminiscent of past Memphis greats like the Gasol brothers.

Memphis is just waiting for this downer of a season to end, but you can be certain that Noah will give it his all to keep fans the FedEx Forum a-comin’ for more with plays like these.