Halo Infinite Season 2 will be bringing Halo Infinite Credits to the Battle Pass, making the credits easy to earn moving forward.

One of the biggest criticisms thrown at 343 Industries' critically-acclaimed Halo Infinite is its grindy multiplayer. The Halo Infinite multiplayer game modes are so grindy when it comes to rewards, it takes the fun away from the game. Rewards are locked behind missions that have very specific conditions, which incentivizes players to play to chase these conditions, instead of just playing the game as they normally would. To make matters worse, you don't receive any rewards for winning multiplayer matches. This led to a lot of players losing their patience on Halo Infinite multiplayer.

343 Industries Head of Design Jerry Hook posted on Halo Infinite's official forum on Saturday, January 22, detailing upcoming changes to Halo Infinite Season 2. In this post, Hook explained how 343 Industries is planning to make Halo Infinite multiplayer much more fun to play. Starting in Season 2, players with the Battle Pass will be able to earn Halo Credits. According to the post, players “will be able to earn Credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression.” While this is a step in the right direction, the game's premium currency will still be locked behind a paywall, as the Battle Pass costs players about $9.99 for the first time. 343 Industries hasn't revealed how much Credits can be earned from progression this way, but theoretically, this means a player's Battle Pass Credits earned can fund their next Battle Pass, so long as they could earn more than 1,000 Halo Credits with that Battle Pass.

Apart from the earnable Credits, 343 Industries will also be reworking the Shop: tweaking bundles, reducing prices, and allowing individual items to be purchasable apart from bundles. The post also mentioned matchmaking fixes for Big Team Battle, as well as removing Big Team Battle-related challenges for the time being until these issues get fixed.