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Harrison Barnes wants to pattern his iso game after Paul Pierce

One of the best small forwards with low post skills in NBA history is Paul Pierce. Since the time he joined the league back in the 1998-1999 season, he has proven that he is a multi-faceted player who can score either facing or with his back against the basket.

Given his skill set, it is not surprising that a lot of young players admire his game and look up to him. One of them is Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes who raved about how good The Truth has been through his entire career and talked about one aspect of his game that he wants to pattern his to.

“No one was like, ‘Paul Pierce is a great ball handler,’ but he could always get to his spot. He could always get separation. That’s one thing that I still need to get better at. No matter whether it was a backdown, face-up, transition, he went at his pace and could always get to his spot. That’s one thing I’ve just got to continue to get better at. No matter what the situation, he could always get to his spot, get a little lean.”

“He was great at using his body and then could get to his shot without just using his athletic ability to jump straight over people. Using fakes with his shoulder, with his body, rolling off guys – all those little things that he did, it was really remarkable. Now, I’m studying him the most.”

Unlike the L.A. Clippers‘ forward, Barnes is more of a face-up player with a decent stroke from mid-range, but if he can pattern his isolations to Pierce’s, it can take his career to greater heights and be one of the better wingmen in the league today.

Paul Pierce may not be the most athletic player ever but with more than 26,000 points and 10 All-Star selections in his career, Barnes definitely chose a good player to pattern his iso-game to.

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