Harrison Ford reprised his role as the iconic Indiana Jones one last time in the Dial of Destiny. At 80 years old, Ford took the time to reflect on the role that made him a legend in Hollywood. As it turns out, the actor didn't expect this famous life for himself, because he never sought it out, per People.

“I never thought that I would be a leading man,” he said. “I really was just hoping I could make a living as an actor and not have to supplement my income with some other side hustle… I thought I would be lucky to have a character part on a regular TV show.”

However, a regular TV show is far from his career now. Over the course of five decades, Ford starred in the most iconic roles like the Indiana Jones franchise as well as Star Wars. These have grossed nearly $10 billion worldwide. But despite his expectations for his career, he loves it. “I probably enjoy making movies more now than I ever did,” he said.

“No one ever believes this, but I never wanted to be rich and famous,” he said. “I just wanted to be an actor.”

As for his final time carrying his fedora and whip, Ford felt nostalgic about the role. It's been nearly 52 years since he first portrayed the adventurous archeologist: “I wanted to see him rally for one last adventure.”

See Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones one last time in the Dial of Destiny, in theaters June 30.