Despite Larian Studios moving on to new adventures, it appears that Baldur's Gate 3 is still getting a sequel. Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast recently confirmed that they plan on moving forward with the critically acclaimed franchise, but Baldur's Gate 4 might not be coming any time soon.

After breaking and setting new records for receiving a plethora of game awards, the owners of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) wish to continue riding that wave of success. Despite Baldur's Gate's third installment launching over two decades after the second title's release, the game ended up being worth the wait and exceeded all expectations.

Naturally, fans are craving for more D&D action. Unfortunately, Larian Studios isn't only leaving the Baldur's Gate franchise but will no longer support the latest installment. That means, apart from the occasional balance and hotfix updates, no DLCs and expansion packs coming our way. While this is undoubtedly a major letdown for fans, we can remain optimistic given Hasbro and Wizard of the Coast's encouraging updates.

Baldur's Gate 4: Projected Release Date and Other Details

Hasbro's Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy and Licensing Eugene Evans confirms that Baldur's Gate 4 is happening. However, he isn't sure when they'll begin production. As of the moment, their team is exploring potential partners that can pick up and replicate Larian Studio's success with the franchise, if not make it better.

When is Baldur's Gate 4 Coming Out?

While many Baldur's Gate fans are hungry for new content, Evans specified that they plan on taking their time finding the right partners. Well aware of the gap between Baldur's Gate 2 and 3, the Senior VP assured that the process won't take as long. Ideally, Hasbro wants to maintain the IP's reputation and not follow in the footsteps of other franchises that tend to rush sequels.

Given the success they've garnered from the game, they don't want the franchise to fall off from the heights it reached.

“We're now talking to lots of partners and being approached by a lot of partners who are embracing the challenge of, what does the future of the Baldur's Gate franchise look like?” says Evans. “So we certainly hope that it's not another 25 years, as it was from Baldur's Gate 2 to 3, before we answer that.”

“But we're going to take our time and find the right partner, the right approach, and the right product that could represent the future of Baldur's Gate,” Evans continued. “We take that very, very seriously, as we do with all of our decisions around our portfolio. We don't rush into decisions as to who to partner with on products or what products we should be considering.”

With all that being said, it might be a while until we get Baldur's Gate 4. Sad as it may be, this is a good sign for the franchise. BG's fourth installment has a lot to live up to after its predecessor's success. Forcing an immediate release for a quick cash grab won't do the franchise any good.

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