There's a lot of drama going on with the Atlanta Hawks right now and it has centered around superstar point guard Trae Young. The 24-year-old did not show up for his team's 117-109 win over the Denver Nuggets on Friday, and this was reportedly brought about by an untoward situation with head coach Nate McMillan.

According to reports, the Hawks coach gave Young, who is currently dealing with a shoulder injury, an ultimatum to come off the bench or not play at all. Trae chose the latter and it has unsurprisingly caused a whole lot of ruckus in and around the Hawks organization.

Former Atlanta forward Chandler Parsons has now shared his two cents worth about the situation. In his mind, the 34-year-old believes that Trae let his teammates down by choosing not to show up for a game:

“Trae, he can't do this,” Parsons said. “He's my guy. They have invested way too much in him. They've given him the keys. This is his fifth season. You can't do this. You can't let your teammates down. You gotta be bigger than this in the moment.”

Trae Young seems to have wanted to send a message, and it appears that it has been heard loud and clear. Parsons also didn't let McMillan off the hook, though, claiming that the Hawks coach put Trae in a no-win situation:

“I also don't like the idea of McMillan saying like, ‘You can come off the bench or don't show up to the arena,'” Parsons continued. “Giving your star player these days an ultimatum probably is not the best idea either.”

Nevertheless, Chandler Parsons is adamant that Trae Young is in the wrong here. He's still just 24, but Young has to be more mature as the leader of this group — at least in Parson's eyes:

“Trae's gotta mature a little bit,” he said. “He's also been through issues and got Lloyd Pierce pretty much fired. … I think he's gotta be bigger in this situation.”

Trae Young is not on the injury report for the Hawks' Monday night matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder and he's expected to suit up for his team. What is unknown at this point, however, is how his relationship with McMillan currently stands.